Jan 8, 2018

Dog Description

UPDATE 3/24/17: That’s right! Our handsome Mugsy is still VERY PATIENTLY waiting for his forever home! This poor guy had a rough start and now has been waiting almost 3 years in foster care for his forever home. As he approaches his senior years, (although you wouldn’t know it as he still plays like a puppy!) we would just love for someone to come a long and give Mugsy all the love and attention he deserves. Might it be you?

Mugsy is a very active 4yr old Cane Corso who has lived all or a majority of his life on a chain in Ohio, before coming into CCR. Poor Muggs is just now learning what it is to be a companion dog. He is crate trained. Muggs is just now living his puppyhood (since he couldn’t when living on a chain) so he does like to get into things. Now, this doesn’t mean that he walks around the house looking for things to get into- NO! But, when everyone leaves the house, Muggs is in his crate, as he will certainly find something to get into if he is left alone in the house. However, the flip side of this is that Muggs is learning to LOVE being a dog. He loves to play, fetch a ball (though he doesn’t think it is fun to bring it back), swim, hike, run along side a golf car, and other fun things! Mugsy loves to be active and an active owner is exactly what he needs. A “job” would be even better because he certainly has drive. Weight pulling, obedience, tracking, rally, agility, etc. Now, all this being said, he needs the training too but he is so eager to learn and wants to please so badly.

Mugsy does get over excited about other dogs initially (one of the negative behaviors from a dog that has lived on a chain), but with proper and slow introduction, he really enjoys a playmate. He has had many Corso foster friends over the years: Athena, Geanna, Roxy, Artie, and his current partner in crime, JuJu. He does play rough, so no small dogs or cats please. He continues to make great progress walking on a leash and does beautifully on a Walk My Dog with Love harness or an Easy Walk harness.

Mugsy is still mouthy when he gets excited, so we will not place him in a home with anyone user the age of 15yrs. This doesn’t mean that he can’t interact with people under 15yrs, but we recommend bonding and training before this happens. Mugsy is an awesome dog and placed with an active owner, he will be a superstar! Mugsy is neutered, current on vaccines, heartworm negative, and microchipped. Adoption Donation: $300