Kazel – Medical Rehab

Feb 13, 2018



Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! Kazel (now being called Rosie) is safe in foster care. A huge thank you for everyone who helped get this girl from the shelter to safety. As she gains weight and builds her trust with her foster family we will be updating with more pictures! So far this girl has proven herself to be cat, small dog, and large dog safe!! What a dream she is!


Some of you may remember Kazel form our urgent Facebook plea. We were able to save Kazel 15 minutes before she would have been euthanized at a Philadelphia shelter. Sadly she is still in need of a foster home where she will be able to put on some weight and destress. She is currently non-reactive to other dogs, and very shy and gentle. Can anyone in the Pa/NJ/NY area open up a space in their home for the poor soul? She is currently in an emergency foster home in NJ. Kazel is approximately 4-5 years old. As you can see she is in pretty rough shape now however thats nothing a few square meals and a little TLC won’t fix!