Hazel – Adopted!

Apr 17, 2018

A few of our very dedicated volunteers visited with Hazel and Bora Bora this weekend and couldn’t say enough about the pair. Both walk well on leash and were very friendly with everyone. Hazel is definitely the more confident of the two, but both are very people orientated and very calm around other dogs. To our surprise, these two even seem to know basic commands!! Take a look at the beautiful updated pictures our volunteers provided us and try not to fall in love!! These two are both in need of an immediate foster home!
Bora Bora and Hazel are a bonded pair that recently joined the CCR crew from a NY shelter. They were found stray very near each other on the same day, and were both absolutely petrified in the shelter atmosphere. Once the shelter staff saw their pickup time and locations, they were smart and thoughtful enough to see if these two knew each other. The blossoming of confidence and comfort was unmistakable! These 2 are in desperate need of a foster home so they can de-stress, gain a little weight, and find a forever home! Hazel is approximately 1 year old. As we have seen before from some NYC breeders, this pair in “apartment sized”, and will most likely not be more than 60-70 pounds full grown.