Diesel – Adoption Pending

May 9, 2018

Meet sweet Diesel!! Diesel is a 2.5 year old male Cane Corso and a very handsome one at that! Diesel had a little bit of a rough start to life as he was sold to a family who didn’t understand his needs. When they returned him, a family member of the breeder took ownership of Diesel and has worked miracles with him. From a scared, anxious puppy to the big mush he is today, his current owner has been his saving grace. With extensive work he has become a well adjusted and very sweet young man. Sadly, his owners work situation has changed which has resulted in Diesel having to go to boarding frequently while she travels and this is very stressful for him. She  has decided for his best interest to allow CCR to find him a new family who can be there for him everyday and provide what he needs. When our volunteer met with Diesel he was reserved and sweet and sat calmly at her feet for pets after having a few minutes to warm up to her. He has lived with other dogs, large and small, and is generally a laid back dude. To limit the stress on Diesel we would like to keep him local to the Florida area.