Caesar Rouge

Jan 8, 2018

Dog Description

Caesar is WOWing everyone in foster care!!! This boy is just amazing and is more than ready to find his forever home. Don’t let his missing limb fool you, this young boy is very happy, full of life, and active!

UPDATE 8/10/2016: Caesar went to foster care today!

Cane Corso Rescue is in the process of welcoming Caesar Rouge to the family. Momma writes, “This baby breaks my heart. Caesar, born 3-5-15, was supposedly purchased for several thousand dollars from a breeder with the intent on his owner to breed him. Well, all it took was one bad choice and Caesar almost lost his life. Caesar’s owner put him in danger by driving with him in the back of a pickup truck. Caesar jumped out of the truck and severely injured his front right leg. It is unclear if his owner didn’t seek immediate vet care or if the injury was just so serious, but 4 months later, Caesar was back at the vet with his owner wanting to know “what is wrong with my dog who can’t walk on his front right leg?” When the vet told the owner that his dog needed an amputation because he had suspected radial nerve paralysis, the owner said “PUT HIM DOWN!”. I know that not all dogs can recover from a front leg amputation, but we decided to try with Caesar. Caesar had his amputation on 5-9-16 and he is doing GREAT!! He is still adjusting but he is a big, sweet, goofy boy who is learning how to be a companion, inside family member. Everything in the home is new to him but he is adjusting beautifully. We have NOT DOG TESTED CAESAR yet, but that will be coming up soon.” Caesar is 18 months of age.

Caesar Rouge has been completely vetted, neutered, micro-chipped, and is current on heartworm and flea/tick prevention. If you are interested in adopting Caesar, please complete an application and we will process as quickly as possible.


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