Feb 15, 2018



Update on Bella…SHE AMAZING!!! Bella’s foster mom has sent rave reviews of this awesome corso – not only is she large dogs safe, she also gets along with small dogs, cats, and kids! Seriously, what more could you ask for?! Recently Bella took a trip to the local hardware store and everyone wanted to stop and meet her. Note to self: Don’t take a gorgeous, well behaved dog to a hardware store if you’re trying to make a quick trip 🙂  We are so excited to have this girl in CCR and she’s ready to make some lucky family very very happy.

Beautiful Bella! Bella (and her son Charlie) are now safe in CCR! Bella is a 4-5 year old female Cane Corso. We knows she has lived with other large breed male dogs, and we will soon report back with more, as well as a few much more flattering photos. This girl is sure to turn some head and she is beautiful and oh-so-sweet. Keep checking for more updates on Bella!