In Memory of Our Loved Ones

In Memory of Ragan

2010 – June 10, 2018

  She was a very special dog and will be dearly missed by her canine and human family alike.

Love, Jamie & Charlene Bartlett – $500

In Memory of Bambi


2006 – 2017

Caron and Colin Sapire’s long-time companion who they described as the most lovely gentle beauty – so sweet and calm.

Love, Chuck & Judy Wheatley – $100

In Memory of Colossal’s Titan

Oct. 3, 2003 – May 5, 2017

For my beloved Titan:  you were the best dog ever!  You certainly kept me on my toes.  I had baby locks on all the cabinets and a padlock on the fridge because you were so smart!  All you ever wanted was to be by my side.  I will miss you terribly, but you are free from pain now.

Love, Mommy
Donation: $100

In Memory of Alessandra


April 26, 2006 – June 6, 2017

Our beautiful Princess Alessandra….you are missed. You lived with arthritis and discomfort for so many years, you were such a trooper until the end. The house is quiet without the slight drag of your foot across the hardwoods from your modified limp. How I will miss the weekly acupuncture sessions where you always fell asleep with your big head on my lap. Such a precious girl. I know Dad has you now and it is his turn to watch over you. Run in the fields pain free “big dog”. You are always in my heart. Your fur sister and brother, Tyra and Dante, are a little lost without you, no one here to boss them around. Until We Meet Again my beautiful, special girl…… free.

Love, Wendy

In Loving memory of Goldie

Goldie will always be remembered even at the age of 13 as the sweetest puppy ever. She will be dearly missed and always loved by her family Steve, Sue, and her best bud, Roxy.

2005 – 2018


Lisa & Lou

In Memory of Sadie

02/05/2002 – 11/23/2016

I am making this donation for “Lindy”, to help her with the many vet visits and medications she will need.
My donation is in memory of my beloved Sadie.  Sadie was 14 when I had to make the heartbreaking decision to let her go. She had numerous medical problems, demadex, thyroid, diabetes, cancer. . . Her body grew weak and frail.  Sadly, I knew it was time.  Sadie had the best of everything.  She wanted for nothing. There was nothing I would not do for her.  She was my Puppy Girl for almost 15 years.  I love her more than words can say.  Always by my side, my constant companion, during some very sad times in my life.  But, I know she is pain-free, now, running around in the green grass near Rainbow Bridge waiting, til we meet again.  It is in Sadie’s memory that I wish to donate towards Lindy’s needs.  I know y’all will take good care of her.
Thank you so very much, CCR, for everything you do to help the helpless, neglected and abused.
You are truly God’s hands.

Love, Annette Kovar (Sadie’s Mom)

In Memory of Andrea Greer


Here’s to our beloved Andrea – in loving memory from Your Sister, Puddy and LB.  😘

Donor: Crissy – $250

In Memory of Dutch

2004 to Nov 3, 2017

In memory of our beloved Dutch who started his life as most rescues in a not so happy place but found peace and love with his new home with his sister Dolly and his mommy for the past decade.
RIP Dutch

William – $100

In Memory of Jim Actis


Jim, lover and protector of all Animals…

Donors: Fran Catarinacchio, Patricia Day, Jody Greenbaum, Karen Jordan, Joanne Lederer, Lori Prestwood, Debbi Saffos, Ronnie Sichel, Julie Snider

In Memory of Evo

Me & Evo

Donor: Sherry, Tanya & Brook – $225


In memory of Maude


Maude was as loved as any pup could possibly be.

Katherine Carr


In memory of our friend Basso


His music and heart will live forever.

Love, Forté, Gerry and Ahnika


In memory of Brutie

1/10/06 💙 12/30/16

No better dog than Brutie. He was our inspiration to get a Cane Corso. I truly believe his Super Mom, Angela was the reason he was the best dog ever. She is a wonderful dog advocate and is a model for every dog parent.

Love, Fortés mom

In memory of Fortissima Onyx T Rocko aka Rocko

6/27/06 – 12/25/16

Rocko was my neighbor Kathy Neal’s dog.  We called him the Mayor of King Drive (our street) because he loved and welcomed everyone.  Rocko was champion Cane Corso, but mostly he stole our hearts.  He will be missed.

~ Neighbor Robin


In memory of Valorosa


I rescued her in March of 2008 from the Nevada SPCA in Las Vegas and had the pleasure being with her 24/7 until her passing. She will forever be terribly missed and deeply loved.

Love, Dad

 In memory of Max

Passed in 2014

Max was loved and cared for by Dan & Kim.  A life too short…

Love, Michael & Maureen Negulescu

In Memory of Mookie Gorman

2008 – 2016

Donors: Jason and Heathor Davis

In Memory of John Mallia



 In loving memory for a man that loved his dogs and my cousin Sara!
In loving memory of a man who was cherished by his loving wife Sara. He will be greatly missed and remembered.
In honor of John A. Mallia, beloved husband of my dear cousin Sara, who not only loved her deeply but also loved his dogs. And, was passionate about this organization–having rescued Bear and Odin. This donation is on behalf of his life, his love, and his legacy.

Donors: Kelly Secunda, Aunt Cheryl, Kristina Secunda

Rebekah Maggart

December 28, 1976 – October 17, 2015

In 2009, Rebekah Maggart was approved by CCR and took on an abandoned, young Cane Corso pulled from an east TX shelter, as a foster dog. Rebekah and Porter were a match made in heaven from day 1!! Rebekah became a friend to CCR’s Director and often helped fundraise at events like Pecan St Festival in Austin, TX. Becky was never afraid to put a donation coat on Porter and trot him around for others to meet, greet, and donate. We were sad when she and Porter moved to Washington state about 2 yrs ago. However, Becky continued to stay in touch via FaceBook and helped us when we needed it in WA.

Sadly, Rebekah passed as the result of a tragic automobile accident on Oct. 17, 2015 while driving with her beloved dog Porter to the park. Porter survived the accident, with minor injuries. Becky will be dearly missed and remain in our hearts forever. Until we meet again, Becky…

“Rebekah loved her dog Porter and took him for walks and made sure he was well protected. He had a special padded area in the far back of her Jeep. I have seen many pictures and videos of him – you knew he was a family member. Becky was generous and always willing to help friends and strangers alike.”

– Elise Maggart, Rebekah’s mother

We have received generous donations to the dogs of CCR by family and friends of Rebekah Maggart.


  • Elise Maggart
  • Karen & Michael Jones
  • Martha Hardy
  • Grant, Rachel, and Adalyn Sitta
  • Jerry & Diana Unru
  • Tracy Jones
  • Jan & Dwight Sitta