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Time's Up

When CCR brought Bella into the program, her eyes were extremely inflamed, and filled with pus. Bella could barely see but upon immediate vet care, we got her eyes cleared up and she was on the mend.  Sadly, a week later her eyes got progressively worse again. Now we were noticing cloudiness and increased redness. She went back to the vet where she was diagnosed with bilateral upper and lower entropion. In addition, she had popped a cherry eye and the vet thought that the other eye was about to pop as well. Surgery was performed immediately, this was surgery number two. The vet said that her eyes were one of the worst cases she had seen and her left tear duct was extremely inflamed. The vet tried to tack that eye but it didn’t work and said they had to remove the gland. Bella was sent home, all stitched up and on heavy pain meds and we were instructed to really watch the left eye because if a stitch popped out, her cornea was at risk for ulceration. Unfortunately, on Saturday this is exactly what happened.  Bella was rushed to the emergency vet and everything was done to take care of her and get her comfortable until she could see the surgeon again on Tuesday.  Bella needs surgery ASAP so that we can get her eyes well and she can live her life with no more visual ailments.