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Time's Up

Many of you will recognize this sweet face from our Facebook posts. He is now called Tesoro (treasure in Italian), and he is in desperate need of your help. When Tesoro was surrendered to a shelter, we weighed a shocking 66 pounds. At 15 months old, he should easily be over 100 lbs. The shelter rushed him to their vet and performed an emergency ultrasound and bloodwork. The results of the bloodwork showed his organs were beginning to shut down from starvation. Sadly the stress of shelter life caused him to lose even more weight when when CCR pulled him he was down to 62 pounds.  In the past week he has been in foster care, he has showed a voracious appetite and zest for life. He is comical, sweet, and very loving. He has been having chronic diarrhea, and passing various objects such as rope, gauze, and even parts of a T-shirt. This poor boy was eating anything he could to survive. While being fed properly he has made no attempts to eat anything inappropriate. Sadly last night he took a turn for the worse and was rushed to the vet. The good news, is he gained 5 lbs!! At check in he weighed 67 pounds. A far cry from where he should be, but forward progress none-the-less. His bloodwork showed his liver levels were starting to return to normal levels, but his blood counts are drastically worse. At this point our vet is recommending he sees an internal specialist as soon as possible. We are unsure of exactly what the internal specialist will recommend however we are planning for minimally a follow up ultrasound and extensive bloodwork. We currently have our goal set for $1000 but we made need to adjust after the initial visit. EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR HELPS TESORO GET THE HELP HE NEEDS. We will be documenting Tesoro’s journey on Facebook as we desperately try to pull our boy back from the brink.