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Date:July 17, 2016



Waldo has been adopted!


Update 7.17.16: Waldo would like the village to know that his surgery went well and he is super eager to find the family who will love and cherish him FOREVER MORE! Upon further evaluation with our vet, it was determined that Waldo was born without an eye so it was their recommendation that the eyelashes be removed and the opening to the socket be closed, which is also a preventive measure of infection. This has also addressed the excessive blinking/winking that was occurring. Waldo’s foster family absolutely raves about him and says he is one of the most loving, laid-back Corso puppies they have ever met. If they didn’t have their limit on animals, he would be theirs. So village what do you say let’s get this baby his miracle!

CCR has recently welcomed Waldo into the family. Waldo may look familiar as CCR moved heaven and earth 2 weeks ago to get him to safety and this weekend he is transitioning to his foster family, which means Waldo is available for adoption! This poor 5-month old puppy was dumped at a NYC shelter with some obvious deformities. He has a deformity of the eye and his prior owners obviously had little time for him as he has been crated much of his life…so much so that he has developed ‘crate-feet’. Fortunately, with proper nutrition and exercise Waldo’s feet and legs will straighten; unfortunately, the small eye is a birth defect that will be part of his uniqueness! We are confident a special family is out there that will look beyond the eye and into his heart overflowing with love and gratitude. When I tell you this boy is a sweetheart I mean he is a SWEETHEART!!!! CCR would like to express our gratitude to the Brooklyn family for opening their heart and home to Waldo in his most desperate time of need, as this single act of kindness literally saved this boy’s life. Thank you Rocco & Jezebel! Waldo is ready and waiting for his FOREVER family to find him, could that be you??

Waldo has no known health issues with the exception of the birth defect and crate feet/legs previously mentioned. Neither appear to hinder him as he is the sweetest natured boy you will ever meet. Everyone who has met Waldo declares he is an absolute love and is a very calm well-behaved puppy. Waldo is about 5 months old puppy who loves to play, give kisses, and go for car rides! So village let’s give Waldo his miracle of a FURever family that is committed to giving him the life he has always deserved!

Waldo has been completely vetted, neutered, micro-chipped, and is current on heartworm and flea/tic prevention. If you are interested in adopting Waldo, please complete an application and we will process as quickly as possible.

  1. Matt Leonardi Reply

    We are very interested in Waldo, we would love to have him forever. He is beautiful! These dogs stories are so heartbreaking, we would love him in our family asap. To give him the love he deserves!!!

  2. Mike Skees Reply

    As I stated in my previous email, we are very interested in Waldo.

  3. Jamie smith Reply

    We are also very very interested in him I have fill out the app. I am just waiting now.

  4. marianna Reply

    Waldo has been adopted….. others out there looking for forever homes….

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