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Date:March 22, 2017


VITO has been adopted!

UPDATE: Vito has spent some time in foster care and we are able to tell you a little more about him. Vito has come a long way in his foster home with a lot of hard work and dedication!! He would do best with as the only dog in the home, but is fabulous with people and looooves car rides! His foster family has been working a lot with him on being comfortable in new situations and walking like a gentleman on his leash. Vito is very young and has a lot of potential to be an amazing boy!!

Get ready to fall in love! Meet Vito, a 1 Yr old male Cane Corso. Vito’s first family was growing and they decided they didn’t have the time to dedicate to his training. Their loss is our gain! Vito current lives with another dog and an infant, although CCR feels he would do better in a home with older children due to his puppy energy levels. Vito is in need of foster or adoption.

  1. michele Reply

    Hi LIz We are interested in Vito. Is he available?

  2. Casey Donnelley Reply

    I am interested in adopting Please let me know if he is still available.

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Casey, All dogs who are posted on the website are still available. Have you applied? If not please do so using our websites adoption application!

  3. Christopher Erz Reply

    he is a perfect fit for my home do U accept credit I sumbitted application a long time ago. He will be perferct with my bear a 5 year old male June. is his birthday, I wanted a 2 year or younger puppie for him to train with him. We have bigger kids nephews and nieces in pretween and early tean. I hae 2 acres land 2600 square foot house. He seems a perfect fit.

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Christopher, If it has been a long time since you applied, please fill out a new application. Please also keep in mind we, almost without exception, will only place a male dog in a home with a female. If you already have a male, please take a look at our available girls!

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