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Date:August 22, 2016

TigerRoo (Brandy)


Cane Corso Rescue is in need of a long-term foster for our precious TiggerRoo (who was fondly renamed to fit her personality). For those who may not know TiggerRoo’s history, she was born as the runt of the litter and is in many ways a miracle puppy. At one time, we weren’t sure she was going to make it but she fought hard and developed into what we thought was a happy, healthy puppy so much so that she was adopted. Unfortunately, during the latter two months of her adoption she had declined considerably to the point that we felt it best to welcome her back into rescue to ensure she received the medical attention and care she needed and will continue to need.

TiggerRoo has been back in our care for 2 months now and has been receiving medical evaluations and treatment from one of our most trusted vets. Sadly TiggerRoo does have a physical malformation of the spine area that will need to be monitored for the remainder of her life. Not having the medical terminology at hand, the best I can do is describe it…she is literally uneven and the one side of the spine is twisted and at times becomes swollen. Although painful at times, she is successfully being treated with daily doses of prednisone, tramadol, and gabapentin as well as supplements. We will not let her suffer but as of now we will celebrate the success of her treatment and her ability to live a fairly normal life. I know this is asking a lot…but, we are in dire need of a permanent long-term foster for TiggerRoo.

If you are committed to fostering TiggerRoo, CCR will continue to pay all vet bills (as needed and approved). TiggerRoo is now 9 months old. In an effort to find her the perfect long-term foster, we have identified here needs below:
1. She will do best as an only dog or with an older male. She does like other dogs, but physically can’t play hard without getting hurt.
2. She is very food motivated, which is helpful for pills and training.
3. No children as the hustle and bustle of a energetic household may be too much stimulus for her.
4. She is great on leash and enjoys structured walks as well as meeting new people during those walks
5. She needs an breed experienced home as she is a Corso. She needs a foster who is confident and knowledgeable of the breed…she does NOT need pity as she is extremely intelligent and will use this to her advantage.
6. She is absolutely crate trained, and she will crate herself often (especially if she’s not feeling great).
7. She is house trained.

*TiggerRoo has been completely vetted, spayed, micro-chipped, and is current on heartworm and flea/tic prevention.

We are hoping for a miracle as we need to find a foster in PA, VA, MD, NJ, DE, or NY so we can continue her medical treatment with the same phenomenal vet. We must have a long-term foster in place by the end of May as TiggerRoo could not survive placement in a boarding kennel and her current foster cannot continue to care for her beyond May. We are thankful to her temporary foster as the original plan had been for two weeks while she was being evaluated by the vet. They fell in love with her and wanted to ensure she had a successful treatment plan in place so 2 weeks turned into 2 months BUT we have success and are extremely grateful for their love, care, and support. I know TiggerRoo appreciates it!

So are you going to be TiggerRoo’s next miracle?


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