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Hi I’m Thelma!!! I was rescued with my daughter Louise from a terrible terrible place. You see, we came from a puppy mill where we were not treated so nicely. Our owner said we had to go immediately because we weren’t making him money anymore, and that if we didn’t he was going to shoot us. Me and my daughter were the lucky ones, not all of us made it out alive. We were so urgently in need of help, a rescue who specializes in Huskies came and saved us. We have been with them now for almost 8 months and they have asked Cane Corso rescue to help find us a home as they are unsure what the best home for us looks like. Im a little bit of a wild child!! At 4-5 years old, I never got to be a puppy so I’m making the most of my new life! I love to run and play (as you’ll see in my video) and I am super friendly. I decided to leave my past behind me and embrace life! I would love a home where someone can show me why I’m too big to jump up for hugs and maybe somewhere where I can have a big brother who will tolerate my love of rough housing! I would do best in a home without cats, small dogs, or children as I’m still learning that I’m actually a big dog!


  1. Carlyn~ Reply

    My husband and I are looking into selling our home and traveling for a few years and are desirous of a pair of dogs to accompany us. We frequently try work separately (alone) and having a steadfast, brave companion makes the work go faster and feel far less scary! We want companions that will be with us for a lifetime, and will be cherished for their affection as much as the security they will provide. I found your page by chance, and will be looking here FIRST when we get ready to add a devoted canine to our family. For heavy breeds, I can see how immature adults may not be prepared for cane corso ownership, but we relish the idea of having intelligent and able partners with whom to travel and enjoy life.
    I look forward to contacting you regarding a lovely pair of dogs, quite possibly like Misses Thelma and Louise, to bring our family around to complete!
    Wishing you all well, and hoping every dog you are able to help gets to find the miracle of a loving, permanent home, SOON!!
    Thank you!

  2. Jordan Williams Reply

    The link is acting up on my phone how do I inquire about adopting this sweet girl!!

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Jordan, please fill out an adoption application!

  3. A M Letizio Reply

    I hope the people that are abusing these animals are receiving the punishment they deserve in our court system. All I can say is these abusers better thank the good Lord that I am not a judge.

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