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Date:March 10, 2016

Sir Walter


Cane Corso Rescue, Inc. has recently welcomed Walter into the family. Another handsome, young fellow who found himself in a Michigan shelter wondering what he ever did to deserve this. Information is still coming in on Walter but we are elated to report that he is safe and in the arms of a temporary foster. Walter will need a foster or adopter within the next two weeks (by March 19) so if you are interested in helping Walter please submit an application to foster or adopt OR if you are already approved and willing to open your heart and home to Walter in his time of need contact CCR. Additional information will be shared once his temporary foster (and savior) has had the opportunity to spend a bit more time with him.

Update 3.3.16: Walter has been free and in the home of his temporary foster for a little over a day. He is very comfortable inside the home indicating he was a house dog. He is crate trained and readily enters. Sir Walter enjoys playing with his gigantic chew bone. He is definitely an overgrown puppy and could be most accurately described as a “one man wrecking crew with a tail that never stops wagging”. Sir Walter is as sweet as they come but he will need a confident leader who is devoted to ensuring he receives training as he lacks manners. His response to being growled at from one of the canine residents was to tuck his tail and run for cover! What a boy!!! Apparently Sir Walter is smart enough to know you don’t mess with a dominate female!

Walter’s Shelter intake information: While at the shelter, a volunteer sister-rescue paid Sir Walter a visit. She was thoroughly impressed by him and said had her rescue had room for him; he would have departed that day. They did not so CCR was contacted. Sir Walter showed no reaction to other kenneled dogs; he ignored other dogs or appropriately engaged through the kennel with a sniff then moved on. This shelter does not have the ability to conduct ‘direct’ dog evaluations but his non-reactive behavior is PHENOMENAL. The volunteer describes Sir Walter has an overgrown puppy, who is food motivated and eager to please (sounds like a Corso-lol). He is a smart boy and takes treats with a soft-mouth. Sir Walter is a very social boy; he tolerated all body explorations and appropriately accepts correction and restraint.

Because of Sir Walter’s very large stature, non-stop tail wagging, and lack of manners, CCR feels it best to place him in a home with no children or in a home with children over the age of 8 years. Sir Walter has not been evaluated with cats or small dogs so it best he not be placed in a home with felines or small dogs.

Sir Walter has been completely vetted, neutered, micro-chipped, and is current on heartworm and flea/tic prevention. If you are interested in fostering or adopting Sir Walter, please complete an application and we will process as quickly as possible.

  1. Melanie Potter Reply

    how old is sir walter?

  2. wm j haven Reply

    im still looking for one that is cat savy, if and when you find this out please give me a call yu have my app. etc.

  3. Clifton Coleman Reply

    Is he still available

  4. Carol R. Reply

    Submitted application to adopt and bring here to CT.

  5. Gray curry Reply

    Is he still available? 🙂

  6. If he hasnt been fixed. Please call me at xxxxxxxxxx I live in New Jersey I will fly or drive to you if he still isn’t fixed has his ears and id like to know height and weight, I don’t plan to show however we go to tons of conventions. Plus we do agility and Schutzhund competitions also how olds my male is 3.

    Admin note: Please do not add your private information into the comments.

    • Christopher B. Erz Mobile- 9085101755 Reply

      This is a very old post. I can’t believe he hasn’t been rescued. My male is so good with all animals and ages of people from day 1 he went everywhere with me. For 2 years we traveled all over the baltic and nordic regions of Europe. He has come accross a lot of aggressive males and never engaged aggressively. He is just an overgrown pup as well. I think these two would fit wonderfully together. Let me know via email or by phone as to his status. If available I will fill out and application.

  7. ash Reply

    Is anyone’s question getting answered? IS he still available?

  8. Tony Reply

    Is he still available I am highly interested, please let us know

  9. CCR - Marianna Reply

    Yes he is – Tony – did you fill out an application? If no, please do under the applications tab. If you have you an also check the applications status under that tab as well.

  10. Caitlyn Reply

    I completed an application yesterday. I can also provide more references if needed. My mom and I found a bull terrier last month and she’s been working with a local rescue to take care of her. I can provide both of their information in addition to my other references.

    • CCR - Marianna Reply

      Caitlyn – thanks for filling out the application. Usually takes a bit to check into all the information. CCR people work regular jobs on top of CCR so check back under the applications tab and you can get a status on the app. I would give it a few days to at least a week.

      • Caitlyn Wells

        Thank you! I understand and I’ll check the status next week

  11. kylabolger Reply

    Do we know how old he is?

  12. CCR - Marianna Reply

    Kylabolger – we don’t exactly but would guess around 2.

  13. Luis Reply

    Hello mariana, Im interested in Sirr Walter I filled my application about 4-5 weeks ago

  14. Marianna Reply

    Sir Walter will be heading to his forever home soon. So he is no longer available for adoption. There are many more out there that need adoption and/or foster so take a look at whats available. Luis – I am partial through your application. Tee up your personal references as I should be connecting with them this week.

  15. CCR - Marianna Reply

    Unfortunately Sir Walter is not heading to his forever home just yet. The adopter couldn’t wait and took a female from another location. Anyone interested in the hunk of love, please apply

  16. CCR - Marianna Reply

    Louis – working on your application. LM for your references and they haven’t called back. Will try them again tomorrow. Please let them know we need to hear from them in order to proceed.

    • Luis Reply

      Hello marianna, I remember a couple of the people I added as reference but honestly not all, would you be so kind to send me an email just with the names please…that you

  17. david czerwony Reply

    how old?

    • CCR - Marianna Reply

      Let me check with liz and also check on your interview.

  18. CCR - Marianna Reply

    Luis – spoke to all 3 yesterday…..application going along and interview needs to happen and then home visit.

  19. TC Reply

    Is this dog still available?

  20. Mrs Tracy Bates Reply

    Hi, Marianna. Our still puppy-ish Corso Big Love Moose turns 7 yrs next month. Our family is just made up of Moose, my husband and myself. We have started looking for a young guy to add to our family to keep us all active and happy. Is Sir Walter still available for adoption?

  21. Heather Hellums Reply

    We are so happy that Sir Walter is a part of our family!

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