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Scuda has been adopted!

Hello, you may know me as black beauty, but my official name is Scuda 😉 I am almost 4yrs old, born on 4/10/2013.  I was introduced to my family in the summer of 2013 and they cuddled me, loved me, and showed me off to everyone they knew.  It was the BEST time of my life !!!  There was a time, as a very young pup (3mos old) that a little human kid moved very quickly and startled me.  At that time, I reacted as any 3mos old puppy would and I put my mouth on him.  THAT’S WHAT I DID TO MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS AND MY MOM EVEN DID THAT TO ME!  It wasn’t serious but I did make him cry.  I didn’t mean to hurt his feelings, but he really startled me and scared me when he reached for me… he was so big compared to me.  My family was very upset with me but they did forgive me eventually.  They realized I was just scared and they told me that they should have protected me from the boy grabbing for me.

The years went by and my family loved me more and more and made me part of the family. I loved being with my family.  We went on trips, we played, and they fed me yummy treats.  I was the light of their life- it was awesome!

Suddenly things changed.  Mom and Dad came home with a baby.  Nobody told me things would change.  I didn’t get to go for car rides any more, but the baby did.  I didn’t get to go on day trips, but the baby did. You know who got shown to all the friends…. the baby did!  I was so upset, but I loved watching everyone smile and be happy when they saw the baby.  That’s what they used to do with me.

The baby is now bigger and she walks around, all wobbly.  She throws things.  She yells.  She’s pretty funny looking when she does these things.  I like to watch her.  I watch her a lot and it makes me happy to see her happy.  But one day, I got in trouble for turning my head to quickly and rushing towards her.  I didn’t touch her, I didn’t growl at her, I didn’t do ANYTHING to her.  I was just watching her.  I don’t know why my family got so angry with me and yelled at me.  I was now a “bad dog”.  What did I do?   The following days,  things really changed.  My stuff got packed up and I was moved into a room by myself.  Things were so different.  I didn’t get to see my mom and dad much and I didn’t get to see my baby at all.  I still don’t understand…..

There were other things that happened and I don’t understand those things either.  The little, OLD dog you see me with….. her and I got into a few spats.  She’s old and grouchy and she pushed my buttons.  I don’t want to hurt her, but come on, she’s so grouchy and nobody ever hears or sees the mean things she does to me.  Now, my boxer brother is the BEST!!  HE and I cuddle, play, wrestle, and just “talk” sometimes.  He even told me that he doesn’t like the grouchy dog, but we all have to get along.

Yesterday, my Dad loaded me up in the car!!  FINALLY, things were back to the way they used to be, I thought to myself.  I was so excited.  A day trip.  woohoo!  I got to meet some really great people and they took me on a car ride.  He introduced me to a really cool gal named Ange.  She said she loved me and other dogs like me.  She also said “don’t worry, baby, you are going to a family that will love you forever and make you that princess you once were!”  I am still pretty confused, but, my “Dad” isn’t here any more. So far, the two guys that I have met are super cool and they gave me treats.  I am not sure what is going on now, but things sure are different.  My family is gone…. I am being cared for…..  but MY family is gone.

From her previous owners: “Choosing to surrender Scuda has been a very difficult decision. She is a wonderful dog, very sweet and affectionate with me, my wife, and a number of our friends and family members.”  Her owner went on to explain that Scuda can’t be trusted with their very young daughter. Scuda has not done anything at all to his daughter but he describes that “… the rapid jerk forward of her head towards my daughter was too much….”  CCR attempted to explain to the owners how wonderful this breed tends to be with their kids and that Scuda needs some training and socialization with the baby.  It does take time to adjust to a new addition. The family was not comfortable, mainly because the wife will be alone with the dogs and baby very soon due to the husband working long hours.  Therefore, Scuda is now with CCR and she is in urgent need of a foster or adopter.

  1. Jillian norton Reply

    I’d love to take Scuda! I have a 2 year old cane corso who sounds alot like miss Scuda and think we’d be a perfect match! Please let me know where she is, her medical history and when she’s available. I have a soft spot this breed of dog and want another one so badly.

  2. Gabriel Casillas Reply

    I’d love him too please I need a best friend!

  3. Jason Wilterdink Reply

    I have a 15 month pure bred rescued Rottweiler puppy. I am looking for a bigger / older brother or sister for my Rotty. I want a dog in the Mastiff breed / family. Yet healthy and svelte enough to go on hikes, activities, and do mild agility work with me and my family. We are an active and fun family. Large home, 4,500 square feet of open space regardless of the time of year (inside) plus a nice yard and lots of dog friendly state parks when the weather is not so harsh and nasty. Our Rotty loves car rides and Scuda would be included on those. I am a former cop with police K9 training experience (obedience, sniffing, and protection). I also have experience on a civilian search and rescue K9 team, including training AND handling my own Rotty SAR dog. My life has calmed way down these days. I am now a board of director on the civilian SAR K9 team but I no longer do field work. I am now a professor of criminal justice. NOT interested in traditional police dogs like GSDs and Mallionois. They are too spastic as a family dog. I love my meat head breeds, big lovable, cuddly and not fear or nervous biters. Scuda seems like she would be perfect for our household and our Male 15 month old Rotty. The youngest kid is 8 y/o and is constantly playing with our dude. No silly fears about large, strong dogs and young kids over here! The other 2 kids are 13 and 16. They love dogs. I believe we would be excellent for Scuda and would help her to recover and socialize with kids given her misunderstood history. Let me know if we have a chance. If we do I will talk with my wife and fill out an application. BTW: we live in Wisconsin. I hope she is close and that little detail puts us over the top.

    • CCR - Marianna Reply

      Jason – have you filled out an application – go to the applications tab at the top and fill one out. Let me know when done and I will jump on it.

  4. Filipe Padilha Reply

    Hello, have you found a forever home for Skuda? We just moved into a new house in Wylie, TX, and decided it’s time to add another 4-legged member to our family. Would love to adopt a Corso.

  5. CCR - Marianna Reply

    Scuba is adoption pending and with her forever family for the ” trial period”. based on reports so far – she is loved beyond measure so I would look at others that are available.

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