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Date:July 24, 2017


SASHA has been adopted!



Welcome Sasha!! This sweet girl comes to us from an owner who was going to be evicted for having Sasha. They spent over a year battling in court to keep her!! Sadly, they were unsuccessful and poor Sasha has spent most of the last few years living outside. When our elevator went to visit with Sasha we discovered she was skinny and INFESTED with HUNDREDS of ticks!!!! Our heart immediately broke for Sasha and we knew we had to help her. We immediately got her treated for her ticks and had her tested for tick borne disease so we would ensure her health. She has entered foster care and has just continued to win over everyone she meets along the way. She currently is living with a male corso, a kitty, a bunny, and even a bird!! Oh and did I mention children!! 2 young boys who love her dearly. She is just a dream. Which Sashas personality is amazing, her manners have left a little to be desired (hard to train a dog thats always outside alone!) Lucky for us her foster is working hard at getting the basics down and shes a quick learner! Sasha is 3-4 years young and is ready for a family to call her own!!

  1. Amy Kops Reply

    sweet girl..she looks like a trouble-maker!!!

  2. Dawn harl Reply

    Where are you located

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Dawn, We are a nationwide rescue, our dogs are in foster care with volunteers. We do not have a physical shelter style location.

  3. Ryan Reply

    Do you have any more pictures of Sasha? How are her manners going :). Ive filled out an application before and am still keeping an eye out!

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Ryan, Sasha is doing great learning to be a member of the family. Shes a wonderful gentle soul. We will have some updates photos soon once she is fully recovered from her spay

  4. Gladys Garcia Reply

    I would love to contact you about Sasha.

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Gladys, Please apply for adoption!

  5. Shawn D Grusecki Reply

    Is Sasha still available?

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