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Date:June 26, 2016

Sadie Mae


Sadie Mae has been in foster care and doing exceptionally well. Sadie Mae came into the rescue after a CCR volunteer found her posted in a free ad. Thank goodness this little lady found her way into the arms of rescue! I shudder to think what could of happened. Well no more of that thought as Sadie Mae is safe and sound with us but she certainly would love to go home FURever with a family who is committed to give her the love and devotion she deserves. Sadie Mae is an 2yr  old, female Cane Corso.

Sadie Mae was initially in a foster home with several other dogs.  Her foster pack weighs anywhere from 15 lbs to 80 lbs; although, there are male and female Sadie Mae would be most happiest with a male as she has had a scuffle or two with the more dominant female.  Currently Sadie Mae is in a foster home wtih a special needs cat and another dog.  Like most CCs, Sadie Mae doesn’t like to be outside unless her human(s) is(are) out with her.  She is also nervous in the car, though improving with each road trip.

Sadie Mae has been completely vetted, neutered, micro-chipped, and is current on heartworm and flea/tic prevention. If you are interested in adopting Sadie Mae, please complete an application and we will process as quickly as possible.

  1. Melissa Morgan Reply

    Sadie is Amazing!! Do you know if she has been around any children?

  2. Andrea Reply

    where is she located at?

  3. Melissa Reply

    Still very interested in this girl! I put in my app!!

  4. Lisa France Reply

    OMG I must have her!! She would be great for my male cane corso, Murph!

  5. Clemente garcia Reply

    Is this beautiful lady still up for adoption? I am interested in adopting her. I have no other pets in my house. I live alone i have a house with a nice back yard.

    • CCR - Marianna Reply

      Clemente Garcia
      yes she is still available. Fill out an application if you haven’t already.

      • Clemente garcia

        Great! Thanks for your response. I will fill out that application

  6. Ken Ferman Reply

    Hi is Sadie still available?


  7. Amanda Reply

    She is absolutely gorgeous and I think Rocky my boxer would have a blast playing with her. Please let me know if she’s still available!

  8. Amanda Reply

    I thought I would just check on her again to see if she’s still available? She’s so pretty and looks like an absolute Perfect fit for my boxer Rocky and I. Please let me know! Thank You.

  9. Judy Petersen Reply

    Is Sadie Mae still available ?We have been searching for a girl large enough to be a playmate with our 6 year old 120 lb male Cane Corso KONA,We also have a 12 year old Golden Retriever male who is the sweetest dog ever. We have fallen in love with the Cane Corso breed and would like to adopt a female to play with Kona who is also a rescue.We first fell in love with this breed when we adopted our first Cane Corso Ginger who was being used for a pupy mill in Mexico. It was the most rewarding adoption ever. we loved that dog so much as she loved us too. Unfortunately we lost her to cancer and bloat as she was a large barrel chested older female.

  10. JAK Reply

    Is Sadie still available, or has she been adopted?

    • CCR - Marianna Reply

      Sadie is in her adoption 3 week period… if that changes, I will notify you.

      • JAK

        Yes, thank you, please keep me apprised!

  11. Kristie Bradley Reply

    Please let me know if she is not adopted. Would love to meet her. She may be the perfect fit to our family.

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