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Date:July 17, 2016


Reuben has been adopted!

Update 7.17.16: We can’t forget this precious boy who has been waiting patiently for his forever family to find him. Rueben can be adopted through CCR’s Silver Paws program as he does have some residual effects from the heartworm treatment. Rueben does well most of the time and wouldn’t even know he had heartworms or that he went through such an invasive procedure until he passes out. Poor baby’s blood vessels contact rendering him unconscious for a few brief seconds – it doesn’t happen often but his family will need to know it does happen on occasion. He is under medical care of a vet and we want to ensure he receives on going care so to guarantee this we have entered Reuben into CCR’s silver paws program. As part of the Silver Paws Adoption Program, the rescue will cover all pre-approved medical expenses for the remainder of Reuben’s life. As CCR recognizes that with senior status and/or in times of high medical care needs, could place an undue burden on a family; CCR’s primary focus is to alleviate this concern as what we want most for Reuben is to be settled in a loving home with a family who is committed to giving him the fabulous life he has always deserved.

Update 11.23.14: We have the most awesome news! Reuben is free of the heartworm infection and is now ready to receive his forever family. Reuben is currently being fostered in Connecticut.

Reuben is an awesome Presa Canario that was literally on the brink of death. His foster Mom adores him and has helped him restore his faith in the human race. As you will see by his intake photos, Reuben was in very bad shape and required medical care due to a very neglectful owner. Reuben gets along well with other dogs but would be best suited to a home with children over 10 years of age. Reuben is currently being fostered in TN. Reuben is one of those very special boys that will fill your home with happiness, companionship, and joy. Reuben could win the Presidential election if he chose to run…that’s how great he is! Reuben for President!!!!

  1. Melissa Tucker Reply

    I love this breed and have an adoption of my own. His name is Jaxx. When I get a new place I want more.. Great job guys!

  2. Duwayne K Reply

    What a gorgeous dog.

  3. Christine Mrugala Reply

    What a difference love and care make. The foster Mom has earned a soft seat in heaven. Great job! Inspirational.

  4. Jeanette Reply

    How old is he. I am interested in Reuben or Lulu.
    We have a great Dane rescue, corso Kane mix pit bull rescue.
    Also a jack Russell rescue.
    I would like to rescue one of the two, then I’ll have all my fur kids.

    • marianna Reply

      Not sure exactly but I can find out for you….

  5. Jeanette Reply

    Applied. Can drive to pick up when everything is in order

    • marianna Reply

      The application has to go thru the CCR board who checks into the information supplied…. someone will get back with you…

  6. Jeanette Reply

    Ok Thank you!

  7. CCR - Marianna Reply

    Not to be a debbie downer but know that even if you apply for a specific dog that doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to be able to adopt that particular dog. CCR wants to set you and the dog up for 100% success and in doing so, it may mean the dog you are interested in, may not fit your family or situation. Not saying that it won’t but just want you to know that can happen. My second Corso I wanted wasn’t a fit so I got another and Sophia was much better for us with a 1.5 year old Corso knucklehead. 🙂

  8. Jennifer Carballo Reply

    Is he still available? I just filled out the application (: What a sweetheart.

  9. John Meincke Reply

    Hi, I filled out an application for adoption. I am looking for a cat safe CC and saw Reuben! I know he is a presa, but that’s ok!! Just curious about his age and size. We just recently lost our sweet 12 year old CC.

  10. CCR - Matt Reply

    Reuben is still available for adoption. He is large & small dog safe. He has not been tested with cats yet.

  11. Angie Reply

    Has he been tested with cats yet? How old is he? Can he be transport to VA if my app is approved

  12. Natalie Reply

    I’m interested in this sweet boy. I’ve put in an app and would to be considered for his adoption!

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