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Who could say no to that face!! Penelope is a sweet senior at 8-9 years old. This gal would love nothing more that to live out the rest of her golden years in the lap of luxury. She is good with other dogs and children 10 and older, but would like ones (dogs or kids!) that don’t jump on her or knock her around too much as those old bones aren’t what they used to be! Penelope is part of our silver paws program.

  1. Leah Kienzle Reply

    Just love her!!!!!!!!

  2. Michelle Reply

    Where is this female from and do you have any idea about her history? Is she is mix?

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Michelle. Penelope is not a mix, just a senior who doesn’t like her picture taken!! Shes much more stunning in person. She is currently in Kentucky in a foster home. She came to us from a shelter in Ohio.

  3. helpinggrandbay Reply

    what is the silver paw?

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Silver Paws dogs are our senior dogs or dogs with medical needs. These dogs will come with some degree of sponsor, whether it be medications or otherwise at the time of their adoption

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