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Date:April 28, 2017


Our heart is just breaking for sweet Nova!! Nova is an 8 yr old gal who is living in New York City. This sweet baby lived with her owner for 7.5 years and loved her mom very  very much!! Unfortunately, tragedy struck Nova’s life when her mom suddenly passed away. A good Samaritan in the apartment building who had known Nova for many years graciously took her in, got her the vet care she needed, and has been watching over her for a few months know. Sadly for Nova, this gentleman is unable to keep her as he is moving back to Brazil next month. Poor Nova has been through so much change and heartbreak and has taken it all in stride with a great attitude and a gentle mature. We need someone who is willing to foster or adopt Nova before this good Samaritan leaves next month! Nova is currently living with a male Cane Corso and a small dog.

  1. Carol Martin Reply

    What does she know? Training? with children?

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Carol,
      Nova knows basic commands and is generally a mellow gal, but we have no history of her living with children.

  2. Anthony Parker Reply

    I’m willing to take her tout the country with me and my 1yo female. It’s a great place to spend the rest of her days. We have excellent vet care in canton pa. I’m OK with coming and getting her. Plz email back.

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Anthony, if you are interested in fostering or adopting the first step is filling out an adoption application!

  3. Cherisse Reply

    I am interested in fostering, I live in Brooklyn. I submitted a foster app on 4/21, thanks

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Cherisse, your application is in process!

      • Cherisse


  4. Deby Reply

    I can foster her,I have references and live in the country,upstate ny in the Adirondacks. I currently have a 10 male Pom I took in October and a mini female chi I helped rescue

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Deby, please feel free to apply for foster using our adoption link! We are always looking for more foster homes. Please do keep in mind tho with two small dogs we would have to wait for a dog to come along who has lived successfully with small dogs before we would be able to send you a foster dog, which is not very often.

  5. Katabra Reply

    I am willing to foster my application was submitted today 5/4/2017

  6. Mary beth Reply

    I applied to adopt her last night, I hope you give our application some consideration.We have a young male that we rescued from a very poor home environment last summer. He has a great temperament that we believe she will be a great mentor for.

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