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Date:July 20, 2016




Update 5.1.16: Another of CCR’s favorite girls, who has been waiting FOREVER in a boarding kennel with the hopes of finding a foster or forever home where she can be queen of her castle. Nina has been waiting for over a year for her miracle and we are hoping with your help … together we can find the perfect family for her. Nina would be most successful in a home with no small animals as she has a high prey drive. She has not lived with children so it would be best that there are no children in the home or children over the age of 12 years. CCR believes she would do fine with a male dog of similar size as long as a slow, structured integration process was followed. So what do you say village…can we do our magic for Nina this stunningly, sweet Presa Canario! Warning…Nina has an uncontrollable ‘licker’ and tends to shower her humans with acts of mastiff slobber. Yep she is that kinda girl! 

Update 12.13.15: Our precious Nina is once again available for adoption, through no fault of her own. The family who adopted Nina has a very ill family member and is no longer able to give her the quality care she deserves. As a result, CCR felt it best to welcome her back into our foster care program. Our hearts go out to the family who had adopted her as we know this was not an easy decision for them but certainly was the best decision for Nina. Nina’s beauty is absolutely breathtaking; she is even more lovely on this inside. As we have learned more about Nina, CCR has determined she would be most happiest in home with a male of similar size or home as the queen of her castle and a fenced in yard with room to frolic is a must as she is a high energy kinda gal. Although her original owner stated she lived with small dogs, CCR would prefer to place her in a home without small animals as she is a bit prey driven.

Cane Corso Rescue has recently welcomed, Nina the Presa Canario into the family. Unfortunately, Nina had to be placed in a boarding kennel until a foster or an forever home can be found.

Nina is a stunning 3 yr old female presa canario, originally sold from a breeder and now surrendered to us from the buyer. Nina has lived with large and small dogs, but would prefer to not have a cat counterpart. She is very loving but in need of a diet and some manners. As with all CCR rescues, Nina has been spayed, micro-chipped, and is current on vaccinations. She also is current on heartworm, flea, and tick prevention.

  1. Steven Low Reply

    Still available?

  2. Kristine King Reply

    I have 2 Frenchies, a male & a female. The male is 2&1/2 yrs old, and gets pretty rambunctious sometimes. They both have CGC’s, & I would definitely take Nina to classes. Any chance she’d mistake Jake for a surely toy? Where is she located?

  3. marianna Reply

    Kristine – might be iffy with 2 little dogs. High prey drive isn’t good with small dogs or cats. She definitely needs a fenced in yard….

  4. marianna Reply

    Steve…. she is still available. Did you fill out an application yet?

  5. Lisa Beres Reply

    Updates on this female? I have a male English Mastiff that needs a big girl to play with. Have you tested her with other dogs?

    • CCR - Marianna Reply

      Still available… have you put in an application? suggest you do to get the ball rolling on a adoption. Might not be Nina as we strive to place the best matches possible… but get that application in.

  6. Randall Woods Sr. Reply

    We have a 3yr old Great Dane -Very Dog Friendly- would like to meet the two before proceeding…. Is this possible?

  7. CCR - Marianna Reply

    Randall Woods…. I believe she is in PA right now…. so moving her for a meet and great might not work. Are you far from there? Pennsylvania

  8. Joey Plaisance Reply

    Joey Plaisance
    Is Nina still available would love to have her!!!!! I did put in an application.

    • CCR - Marianna Reply

      Joey… you can go to the applications tab and do an inquiry which goes to the Board of CCR and ask status. that probably the best way. Nina is still available as far as I know. Marianna@CCR

  9. Harold Hayslett Reply

    I’m have a great Texas Home life just for her. Is she available still ?

  10. Bruce Reply

    Still available?

    • CCR - Marianna Reply

      Bruce… yes Nina still is available.

  11. Daria Reply

    Is she a more medium sized type of dog?

    • CCR - Marianna Reply

      Daria… she is a Presa so she is good sized. She does need a diet – 🙂 but that will only change her weight and not her size. Presa’s are large breeds.
      Look at the pictures as the ones where she is standing show her size.

  12. Christine Reply

    How much does she weigh?

    • CCR - Marianna Reply

      Not exactly sure but definitely over 110 – I can check.

  13. SandraD Reply

    Is she still available?

  14. dexter Reply

    is she still available

  15. AmandaV Reply

    HI, My name is Amanda. I had some questions; if Nina is still available. I’m looking for a female dog, I already have a 70lb Olde English Bulldog he’s almost 2.
    Is she good with other dogs? He is very friendly with other dogs. Is she housebroken? Crate trained? Also how is she with people?

    • CCR - Matt Reply

      Hi Amanda, Yes Nina is still available; however, Nina would do best as an only dog.

  16. Lisa Plaisance Reply

    I cannot stop looking at this beautiful baby!!!!

  17. Lisa Plaisance Reply

    It’s a week today we have sweet Nina!!!!! We are so in love just about all of our family has met her and they love her and she loves them!!!! Our only regret is we didn’t get her sooner!!!!! In only a week she has brought so much happiness to us!!!!!! Thanks for everything y’all do!!!!!

  18. Marianna Reply

    Lisa – so happy for you and Nina…. she waited so log for that perfect forever home. You have a great girl …. Lover her tons and tons and keep CCR in the loop with how she is doing. Loved your picture that you sent in 🙂 The CCR village is so happy for you and Nina!

  19. Lisa Plaisance Reply

    Just wanted to let you guys know Nina is doing wonderful!!!! She is a bit spoiled! LOL We LOVE her and can’t imagine life without her!!!! We can never say thanks enough!!!! Thanks for all y’all do !!!!!!

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