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Date:March 28, 2017


MIA has been adopted!




UPDATE 6/7/17

Mia will be starting her heartworm treatment within the next week and has been doing fabulously!  Well suited to whatever speed you go, always ready for a ride in the car (she gets so excited to see out the window!) Or happy to lie next to you on the couch while you watch Netflix and chill. Mia has truly enjoyed having a brother her size to tumble with and loves the companionship. However, she’s a bossy girl who likes things her way, so her ideal home would have a low key male with whom to share some space. She does have a solid prey drive and is not well suited for a home with small dogs, felines, chickens, etc that could be a Corso sized squeaky toy. That being said,  her former foster home did have young children that I’m told she adored, and she has always loved meeting small ones while on daily adventures. Her large size should be considered as she has a tendency to lean “to effect” but her heart is loving.  She’s currently working on leash manners and is happy to please her family. In new situations she is happy to accept a gentle greet or petting, but is definitely looking for her leader for affection. Haven’t heard enough good things? As typical of her breed, Mia is also a good guardian! Always watching and carefully assessing her surroundings (especially her home and vehicle) and giving the obligatory warning bark if something seems amiss, without being the nuisance sound machine I think we’ve all heard before. Her adopters will be scoring a prize with this big blue sweetheart!

UPDATE 5/25/17 

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! Mia has found a foster!!! She will be starting her heartworm treatment and will be ready for adoption in a few months!!!

UPDATE 5/12/17  

WOW WOW WOW! Just look at how far our gorgeous Mia has come!! She continues to improve daily but is still in desperate need of a foster family to help her through her HW treatment! Can anyone open their homes to this amazing girl?


Miss Mia came to us in some dire straights. Not only was she skin and bones upon arrival, but she is also heartworm positive. Mia is in need of a medical foster or foster to adopt who will help her through the upcoming treatment she so desperately needs. As you can see, Mia has been gaining weight and is getting stronger every day. Due to her heartworm positive status, she will need a quiet home to recover in, with a very low energy neutral male and no young children. Please help us get this sweet baby back to health so we can find her the forever home she deserves! Mia is only 3 years old and has a long life of love ahead of her!

  1. Pete Reply

    My application is in process, but wanted to see if you guys have any update on Mia’s condition and any new pictures of her?

  2. CCR - Ashley Reply

    Hi Pete,
    Happy to oblige!! Please see Mia’s gorgeous updated photos 🙂

  3. Dori Reply

    How is she with other dogs? I have a female staffie and a male frenchie. Both are pretty low energy with spurts of energy here and there

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Dori, Mia does very well with other dogs, but like all our dogs, we would never place 2 alpha females together as that can be very dangerous.

  4. Ashley Reply

    What about 2 submissive females with an alpha? (if Mia is alpha) I have 2 submissive females in my pack just wondering!

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Ashley, We would only adopt a male into your household if you already have 2 females. But we have tons a wonderful boys looking for homes!

  5. johnathan Reply

    How is her condition now ?

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Jonathan,
      Mia has begun her heartworm treatment and so far is going great. Once we she has completed treatment, we will update her status.

  6. riley Reply

    hi i am very interested if she healthy and good with kids, we have 4 kids and 12 year old, a 11 year old, a 9 year old and a 2 month old,and we have a 2 year old male pitbull and a collie terrier mix but the collie terrier mix is an outside dog. : )

  7. brooke wilson Reply

    Hi I’m interested in this beauty. Yea once she’s finished w her heartworm medicine will she be able to be adopted out?

    • CCR - Marianna Reply

      Brooke – yes once Mia finishes her heartworm treatment she will be adopted out. I woud suggest that you apply now and let us get strted on your application as it takes a bit for us to get thru. Marianna@CCR

  8. Ael Reply

    Super cute! For the record, “Netflix and chill” is not something you do with a dog.

  9. Philip Ashby Reply

    What is a update on Mia?? I’m a single dad with a 10yr old daughter..and I’m very interested in her..

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Philip, Mia is completing her heartworm treatment. I encourage you to fill out an application if you are interested in adding a member to your family as process can take a few months.

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