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Mazie/ Maddie

Maddie has been adopted!


Does anyone have room in their heart and home for sweet Maddie?

Hi, my name is Maddie and my family abandoned me… so they tell me.  I was dumped in an Ohio shelter a few months ago.  CCR wanted to save my life so they made a plea and a foster stepped up.  Unfortunately, that didn’t work out because she didn’t give me any time to settle.  I admit, I made a bad first impression.  I growled at her dogs and her adult son.  But, I was terrified…. I had been dumped with strangers, poked and prodded in the shelter…. I needed to decompress.  Sadly, my foster requested that CCR remove me :-(.  Because CCR was so full, I was taken in by a vet… an awesome vet!  I have been here ever since and I LOVE IT!  But, my vet friend says I need a home of my own so that I can really shine (what does that mean anyway?  My coat is already so shiny!).

A few months have gone by and just look at me now….

(I am the well behaved brindle Corso in the video)

While at the vet, I made a best friend…. Theo.  He was my buddy and pal.  But, he is gone now… he got adopted.  I am happy for him but I really want a friend.  Do you have a friend for me?  Can I move in with you?  If you can bring me into your home, please fill out a foster/adoption application.  I really am a good girl.  I am an adult so I don’t require much.  I daily walk, some playing in the house or yard, and lots of lovin’ is all I need. I am vaccinated, spayed, microchipped, and heartworm negative. I am estimated to be 5-6 years old.  Please share my story so that I can go home!

  1. April Reply

    We’re looking for infant friendly. Is she?

  2. Julie Andrzejewski Reply

    Yes I can foster, I have filled out an application already, please call me, 260-387-4985, Julie

    • Liz Robles Reply

      Hi Julie,
      We are currently processing your application.

  3. Gerard García-Pena Reply

    My Wife qnd I worldwide be very happy fostering Mazie. We have been looping to adoptó a Cane Corzo. We have no children or pets qnd live in our Owner home in Parma, OH. We have the time qnd space for Mazie. We Booth have owned several dogs of different breeds and love dogs. Please contact us (440) 476 8750. We are Sandy Farrell and Gerard Garcia-Pena.

  4. Gerard García-Pena Reply

    Sorry for the language corrector!
    My wife and I would be very happy to foster Mazie. We have been looking to adopt a Cane Corzo….
    Gerard Garcia Pena (440) 476 8750.

    • Liz Robles Reply

      Hi Gerard, Can you please fill out a foster/ adoption application. Thank you!

  5. Gerard García-Pena Reply

    Certainly, you will have it tomorrow.

  6. Gerard García-Pena Reply

    We have tried 4 times to fill out the application form and each time we down load pictures of our home the application goes blank. We are looking to foster/adopt Mazie. We will send one tomorrow without photos. Thank you.

  7. Christa S Rickard Reply

    I’ve never had a cane corsa before. I grew up with a german shephard and a malamute so I’m familiar with large, dominant dogs. My kids are grown and I currently have a 2 year old male Belgian malinois mix named koda. He only weighs 45 lbs though. Is he too small for this breed? I would love to adopt Mazie but she would need to get along with koda.

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Christa,
      Some of our dogs are small/medium safe and some are not, but when you apply you are considered for all dogs, not just a specific one

  8. Eddie Reyes Reply

    I’d be happy to give her a home!!

  9. Shannon Key Reply

    Is she still available? She is a beautiful dog and we filled out an application and would love to be her new family. Shannon Key

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Shannon, yes! All the dogs on the adoptable dogs page are still available.

      • Shannon Key

        We would love to be considered as a suitable home for her.

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