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Date:April 03, 2017


LOUISE has been adopted!


UPDATE 5/22/17  Lucky little Lousie, now called Mya, finally made it out of boarding and into a foster home!! She is now getting a chance to show her true personality and is just the sweetest thing you can imagine. As you can imagine, the big open world is a little bit of a scary place for this gal as she has only ever known the inside of a stall and then a kennel, but shes taking it all in stride and has discovered her love for treats!! 1 treat is all it takes for this baby to become your best friend. Mya is timid around meeting new dogs but would much rather sniff on her own than bother anyone. Once given the chance to find her confidence she’s happy to befriend any calm dog. A lot of commotion and fast movements still worry her. We are confident she will overcome this as she settles in more, but shes already off to a FABULOUS start thanks to the dedication of her foster mom!! She has already gained approximately 10 pounds and is looking absolutely beautiful!


Hi I’m Lousie!!  I was rescued with my mom Thelma from a terrible terrible place. You see, we came from a puppy mill where we were not treated so nicely. Our owner said we had to go immediately because we weren’t making him money anymore, and that if we didn’t he was going to shoot us. Me and my mom were the lucky ones, not all of us made it out alive. We were so urgently in need of help, a rescue who specializes in Huskies came and saved us. We have been with them now for almost 8 months and they have asked Cane Corso rescue to help find us a home as they are unsure what the best home for us looks like. I am still a little bit in my shell, but I am still super super sweet and love to just stand and be pet. I’ll even push up against the gate so you can reach me better. I’m a very mellow gal. I’m still young at about 2 years old, and I would love someone to just give me a soft place to lay and maybe a brother who’s a little less rambunctious than my mom (we have a video together on her page) as she knocks me over a lot.

  1. Dori Reply

    Sweet baby

  2. Serena Reply

    I just recently lost my Mastiff/Pitbull back in September after 14yrs. I raised her from a pup and I can honestly say life is not the same. My family and I are not adjusting well without the presence of a big lovable fur baby like Louise!. I would love to adopt her.

  3. CCR - Ashley Reply

    Hi Serena, please apply for adoption!

  4. Serena Reply

    Thank you Ashley, Will do!

  5. Cherisse Reply

    Do Thelma or Louise need a foster? I am an experienced foster in NY

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      They are both in need of foster! Are you approved in our rescue? We LOVE experienced foster homes:)

  6. Mika Reply

    I would like to adopt Louise

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Mika,
      Please apply for adoption!

  7. Cherisse Reply

    I foster through Second Chance rescue but I will submit an application for CCR!

  8. Dale jarnigan Reply

    I want her I’ve wanted one a long time just sing got the money to buy one

  9. Jillian O Reply

    Is she still available for adoption ?

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Jillian, yes! All dogs listed on the adoptable dogs page are available for adoption. Louise just entered in foster care last week and we will be updating her page soon with more about her personality !

  10. kelsey goldberg Reply

    Is Louise still available? if so do you adopt to out of state we would be traveling from Maryland for her. Thanks:)

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Kelsey! Yes Louise, and all dogs listed on our adoptable dogs page are available. We are a nationwide rescue, we do adopt to all homes in the continental US! Please apply!

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