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Date:April 12, 2017


Louie came to us as an owner surrender in Pennsylvania. Louie has lived with other large breed female dogs and would do best in a similar atmosphere. Unfortunately, the previous owners discovered Louie was heartworm positive and could not afford treatment. Don’t worry Louie, CCR will get you well! As you may notice in some of Louie’s photos, his right eye is scarred over and he is non-visual or very heavily visually impaired in that eye, although you would never know it how he acts! Louie needs a local foster willing to help him through his treatment that is being carried out by one of our fabulous veterinarians in PA.  Louie is 3 years young!

  1. Johanna Grove Reply

    Hi, we are in South Central PA (Spring Run – closest ‘big city’ is Chambersburg). What is required to become a foster?

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Johanna, The first step is filling out our adoption/foster application! We’re absolutely in need of foster homes in your area!

  2. Anthony Parker Reply

    I have a year old female named ziggy and if I’m ever needed to take a dog I’m more than willing. I live in northern pa bout an hour from ny border in the country. I have 3 kids right now a boy a girl and ziggles. I will foster or adopt I love the breed and my kids do too.

  3. Melanie Vandewalle Reply

    Please apply!

  4. Dalton Reply

    I’d love to adopt him! I hate that I live so far away in Georgia. I have a female bloodhound and female bull mastiff both rather large, they would love him!

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi dalton, location doesn’t matter for the right dog/family! Please apply!

  5. Kathy Reply

    Does this breed absolutely need to be paired with another large dog? We also have two cats who lost their dog buddy a while ago.
    Is this a type of breed that cannot be trusted with cats at all….or does it depend on the individual dog? From what I am reading, it seems like it depends on the individual dog…..

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Kathy, it is absolutely dependent upon the dog. A lot of these dogs have a high prey drive which doesn’t pair well with cats, but we do have cat safe dogs who have proven themselves to be a gentle kitty companion in foster care.

  6. Kathy Reply

    Thanks Ashley, we have an application in to foster and or adopt.

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