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Date:March 22, 2017


Lauren has been adopted!



UPDATE 5/22/17:  Lauren has made it to a foster home!! Thank you to all the wonderful people who have helped her get this far. She is very happy to be having some one on one companionship again, and is quite the love bug!! She is fabulous with every person she meets and has been amazing with the fosters 9 yr old son. Lauren will need a family with a very laid back male large breed dog, or no other pets as she definitely prefers to be the center of attention and get all the pets , but who can blame her!!


FOSTER NEEDED UPDATE:4/3/17: A volunteer visited Lauren this weekend and provided us with some update photos of this beautiful lady. Lauren is a very sweet girl and very gentle but she is very aloof and uncomfortable living in a board kennel. She desperately needs a foster home where she can start to feel normal again. During her visit with a volunteer Lauren was happy to be out on a walk but was not interested in treats. She accepted some stoic pets, but you can tell shes missing her family life. If anyone has room in their hearts for this gal, she has plenty of room in hers for them.


What a gorgeous gal!! CCR is proud to introduce Lauren! This girl comes to us from a shelter in New York where her owner for forced to surrender her due to an eviction. According to her previous owner, Lauren lived with 2 adults and a 15 yr old child. She is 4-5 years old. They had never introduced her to other dogs. At the shelter Lauren did very well meeting a neutral male dog and simply sniffed him and went about her business. She has proven herself to all the shelter staff to be an easy going laid back girl. Now all she needs is a family of her own! Will it be you??

Lauren will need a home with older children and a neutral male, and will not be placed in a home with small dogs, female dogs, or cats.

  1. Lisa Beres Reply

    I live in Colorado with 2 neutered males (2 yr mastiff/AB and 13 yr AB). Can you get her to me?

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Lisa,
      We have a network of volunteers but ask adopters to travel halfway, or 100 miles on such a long transport.

  2. Lisa Beres Reply

    I’m wondering how she would do with my males. I may be able to fly and meet her.

  3. Shannon Key Reply

    If she is still available for a forever home we are looking for her. She is so cute and reminds us of Genesis. Application is already turned in.

  4. Mike sanada Reply

    I’m interested in this type of female for our 5yr old male cane corso that’s neutered. I’m in South Carolina

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Mike, if you’re interested in adoption, please apply!

  5. Joseph Allen Reply

    My wife and I filled out an application today and are very interested in finding a female to go with out 7 yr old male cane corso. He was raised with two other dogs a male and a female and they have had to be put down due to age. They both lived to be 15yrs old. Our corso really needs a friend
    Please keep us in mind as we are ready to find us a new little girl

  6. Johnathan Reply

    Is lauren still available

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Johnathan, Yes Lauren is still available. She is ideally looking for a home as an only dog.

  7. Kelly Summers Reply

    We have no other pets. We have 5 acres. Kids 14,11, and 10. Looked at CCs for protection and companionship. We homeschool, so we are home all day. We’ve had Labs who died of old age, but never a bigger dog. I’m very willing to find a big dog trainer in my area and have entire family learn the proper way to handle and socialize the dog. My question is should I bother with a rescue Corso, or is our lack of big dog experience too much a negative?

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Kelly,
      As long as you have done your research and feel you can handle a dominant breed dog such as a Corso, not having a Corso before does not disqualify you for adoption. Please just be sure you have done a lot of research into the breed as they are A LOT of strong willed dog and are definitely not for everyone or every family.

  8. Aramis genao Reply

    Is she still available ?

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