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Date:March 23, 2017


Poor Kenai has quite a story. He was bought by a loving family with 3 young boys who loved him very dearly, and he loved them even more! He loved them so much that when a strange man came into HIS yard and threatened HIS family he did what any corso should do! He defended his family!! Everyone was so proud and told him what a great boy he is! That is, until the home owners insurance called and said he had to go. His family was heartbroken. They took him to a shelter and begged CCR to go get him. We tried!! The shelter felt it was better to turn him over to a seeing eye dog rescue…We are just as confused as you!! Well lo and behold…Kenai came back to the shelter much worse for the wear. He was skinny and malnourished, and hadn’t even been neutered by the other rescue! DON’T WORRY KENAI, we have you now!!! We urgently need a foster home for Kenai where we know he will be safe and loved to get him ready for adoption. He has proven himself with other large female dogs and is kid safe! This handsome fellow is just 2 years old. Kenai has not been cat or small dog tested.

  1. Holly Pezzuti Reply

    Hello my name is Holly Pezzuti and little over 6 months ago very unexpectedly lost my beloved Pit Bull, Beans, who I adopted with an ex and was my life. This has by far been the most difficult thing I’ve ever gone through and still having a hard time with it. He came to work with me everyday and was by my side literally everywhere I went and have been absolutely heartbroken since and is the first time in my life I’ve never not had a dog so it’s been a complete life change for me. I miss so much the companionship of a dog and have finally been thinking about adopting a new boy. I’m a Pit girl but love the big boys which Beans was around 85lbs and I loved but am thinking of getting a little larger dog for a few reasons but along with Pits I’ve always loved Corsos and after seeing this handsome man I just wanted to reach out and see if he is still available. I am going to look around at the rest of your site but honestly saw this guy and had to ask about him. I also have some questions about his behavior with other dogs. We have a cat that sort of showed up one day and kind of made her way to a half indoor/outdoor cat and is pretty shy but getting better and was fine with Beans and my sister’s dog just takes her little to warm up. My contact info is below and could provide vet references as well. Thanks so much!!
    Holly Pezzuti

  2. Mollie Evans Reply

    Hello, I have filled out an application and would be very interested in this lovely baby! Thanks, Mollie

    • CCR - Marianna Reply

      Hello Mollie – I just started your application process. Once i get thru it and the references etc.. I will email you back.

  3. Brian Reply

    I’m in western North Carolina. We have a house in the woods with 10 acres. We have a baby boy and another baby on the way. We have two pitbulls. One is an 11 year old male. The other is about 5 year old female mix. I would definately take her. I’d bet she would be very happy here.

  4. CCR - Marianna Reply

    Holly – happy to start an application check for you but you need to first apply thru our application process. Go to the main site and at the top click on the applications tab and fill out the application. be as though as you can.

  5. Holly Pezzuti Reply

    Great thanks Marianna will do!

  6. Mollie Reply


  7. Carol Perrone Reply

    Hello. Do you know which breeder he came from? Has he been neutered?

  8. Liz Robles Reply

    Hi Carol. Yes Maverick, as well as all our dogs, is neutered prior to adoption. His previous owner purchased him from a breeder in the Carolinas.

  9. Mollie evans Reply

    Hi! Just checking in! Thanks, Mollie

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Mollie, We will be in touch via email as your application progresses!

  10. eunji&Jeff Reply

    IS he adopted already?

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Dogs who are adopted will be notated and moved to the dog archives. Any dog on this page is still looking for their FURever home!

  11. Tracy Reply

    Can you small dog test Keani? My former mastiff did well with my Westie but they were puppies together.

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Tracy,
      We are happy to small dog test for an otherwise approved home. Have you applied with us yet? If not, please do so!

  12. Rebecc Hawley Reply

    Is he still in need of a forever home ? I have 5 yr Corso named Luna (rescued ) an had to put down my 14 yrs Bella …

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Rebecca,
      Kenai is sill looking for a home. Have you applied with us? If not please do so!

      • Rebecca

        I have

  13. Skylar Reply


  14. Lyza Bowers Reply

    Kenai! What a beautiful baby! As a family with a rescued German Shepherd, I know first hand how important what you are doing is… how important your researching the PERFECT family is. I was sent this link by my dad, Paul Connerty, due to his interest in Kenai. He said he has already applied, and I can tell you that this dog would 100% be in a FOREVER (very spoiled) home with my parents. I have watched them rescue multiple animals (2 pugs & a boxer) that they have loved until their sweet babies crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I thought it was important to leave a comment about how blessed Kenai would be to become a Connerty because every dog deserves the kind of love they give animals!

  15. Lara Mcdonald Reply

    I must echo my sister’s sentiments regarding the perfect home for Kenai. Paul and Kat Connerty taught us the value of loving and caring for animals our whole life. In my lifetime I have never been without a family dog. The name Kenai is pretty amazing because we grew up in Alaska! We feel that it is fate that we cross paths with this beautiful boy, and that he be a part of our Incredible family. We truly hope that you give us a chance to give Kenai the life that he deserves.

  16. Amber Reply

    Hello, my fiance Ken Mills put in an application for fostering any pets that need it. Just waiting to hear back. Does this fellow still need a foster? It says female dog safe, how about male dog safe?

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Amber! Your application is in process! Kenai is still in need of foster, however as a rule, we will not place a dominant breed male such as a Corso in a home with another male.

  17. Kathryn Falk Reply

    Hi there! I filled out an application for this love! I was so excited to see that he was kid friendly! My son wants a dog so badly! I am a mastiff lover and its so difficult to find any mastiffs up for adoption that are kid friendly! I personally will only adopt…will never buy from breeder. I really hope it works out and my son can have the same loving bond that I did with my 180 pound english bullmastiff I had when I was a teenager. Hope to hear from you soon!

  18. Ferdinand Reply

    Is Kenai still available? His picture is still up on this site? It seems there are already several people who really want him. What is the hold up, and what qualifications are you guys looking for?

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Ferdinand,
      Kenai is still available for adoption, as are all the dogs on the adoptable dogs page. Their profiles will be taken down once they are officially adopted. Kenai will need a home who is experienced with dominant breeds. Please keep in mind, not everyone who comments gets approved – or even applies! Some families just end up selecting a different dog that is a better fit for their families. There is no hold up – we just want to make sure all our dogs end up in the best home for their needs, and for the adopting families needs.

  19. David Reply

    What’s the application all for and what’s the running price cause I am looking for a play mate for my cane corso?

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi David, The application is so we can evaluate the home and care that our dogs would be receiving if we placed a dog there. Adoption fees vary by age and are all listed on our FAQ page.

  20. Dave Mendelson Reply

    Is Kenai still Available?

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Dave, yes! Kenai, as well as all the other dogs listed on the adoptable dogs page are still available. Please apply for adoption!

  21. Jojo gaon Reply

    Hello is Kenai still available? Would love to adopt if my application has been fully vetted. Thank you!

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi jojo, kenai is still available. Your application is still in process. We received your application one week ago and as stated on our application site it typically takes one to two months for full processing. We will certainly keep you in mind for kenai!

  22. Jojo Reply

    Thank you so much Ashley!

  23. Angie Reply

    Was Kenai adopted?

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Angie, Kenai is still in need of a home

  24. Luciana Silva Reply

    We have Fostered and adopted Sugar (Presa Canario) from you guys, also fostered Boyfriend. Wonder if he’d be good with Bossy Sugar. ..

  25. Jloza1981 Reply

    Just filled out application. Hope to hear from CCR Inc.

  26. Rich Grohs Reply

    I am in Cypress,Texas and an experienced cane corso Handler.If he needs a home.I can take him.

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