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Date:September 20, 2016


Kasey has been ADOPTED!  She will be making her way down to her new family in TX.


Update 9.20.16: Kasey has fully recovered and is doing fantastic in her foster home. Kasey is ready to go to fur-ever home! Here are some updated photos of Kasey:

Update 7.16.16: Hello village just wanted you to know I had my surgery done this past week and am feeling great. No more cherry-eye for me! Now I just need one more miracle, a family. Do you think I would be a good match for your family? I am waiting for you to find me. Oh I love kids but they should be over 5 years of age as I am a little rambunctious and I don’t want to hurt anyone. Other dogs are way cool but not too sure on the cat thing as I don’t even know what a cat is! I got my little paws crossed that you might have a male dog as I really do need a fur-buddy to pal around with as it helps me learn quicker and makes me feel a little more secure. You know this big old world can be a little scary at times! Love, Kasey…XXXOOO

Cane Corso Rescue, Inc has recently welcomed sisters Kacey and Jasmin (formerly known as Randy and Kelly) into the family. These poor babies were tossed from a car! Can you believe it! Those people surely did not deserve their love and the CCR village is lucky to have them as they are the just the sweetest. We were able to pull the sisters to safety, however only have a temporary situation and need a foster family to open their home and hearts to the girls and learn more about them.
We believe Kacey (formerly Randy) is very young, around a year, as she is full of energy and very playful, yet shy and reserved when meeting new people. Kacey does seem to open up around the company of other dogs. Kacey is a little underweight, and a very petite girl at just 50 pounds, but still has some growing to do. She will need work on her manners as all puppies do. She seems to enjoy the company of other dogs, however is still learning proper pack play.

Kacey has been completely vetted, spayed, micro-chipped, and is current on heartworm and flea/tick prevention. CCR will address her Cherry eye once she is settled in a home. If you are interested in fostering or adopting Kacey, please complete an application and we will process as quickly as possible.



  1. Lyte Reply

    Any more pics of these girls? Do you think they could be adopted together? Would two girls get along once they mature? Thanks! ; )

    • Ida Davis Reply

      If you are still interested Kasey needs a home. I just got a call from CCR asking if I would be interested in fostering her. If you want her you should call them direct at 1-814-68CORSO before they transport her all the way to Nevada. I am sending this message because I was checking her bio and noticed your message. It didn’t look like you got a response. I am not sure what happe,Ned to her sister.

  2. Robert Goodon Reply

    Is she still in Maryland?

  3. Rich Maenner Reply

    Actually my family just started fostering her about a week ago. We are in Southern New Jersey. She is a very sweet girl. Still has some things to work on (don’t we all). If you are interested in adopting her I would fill out an application. I don’t think you would be disappointed.

    • Erica Redcross Reply

      I put in an application to adopt Kasey. We have a male Corso who I think would be a great big brother for her. How is she doing?

      • CCR - Marianna

        Erica…. since I am somewhat new to CCR adoptions – did you ever receive a response from CCR regarding your application?

      • Rich Maenner

        Kasey is doing great and waiting for her furever home.

  4. Randi B Reply

    Another sweet girl.

  5. jessica Muns Reply

    Hello I’m interested in knowing if Kasey has found a home!!! Is she good with kids of all ages and cats? I have a loving home and would be so greatful to add her!

    • CCR - Matt Reply

      Yes, Kasey is still available.

  6. Randi B Reply

    My application, house visit and references clear – I’m interested. But, I’m in Texas.

  7. Erica Redcross Reply

    I never received a reply from anyone at CCR, but they did check my references. I am still interested in this beautiful baby!

  8. Annie JACKSON Reply

    My name is Annie JACKSON and I had my application in and my neighbors have been interviewed and accepted. I am waiting to be interviewed. I would love to welcome buddy to be my Buddy. I have owned a cane corso for 11years and he truly was my Buddy. I would love to have Buddy. My cell #419-564-1339.Email arjcraw@aol. Com.

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