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Date:March 29, 2017


Jay was just under two when he was surrendered to CCR. A loyal volunteer saw him on a buy and trade website for free. We immediately intercepted and took Jay in to the program. Jay was lonely, unvetted, and lacking human contact. The family had several young kids and the wife was home most of the time and could not handle the dog with the kids. It was the husband’s dog but he traveled a lot. Unfortunately Jay was locked in his crate most of the time and didn’t get any exercise or attention. Now with CCR, all this has changed. He’s a good boy, loves human attention, and has learned lots of valuable manners. He will sit and stay until released, even when his food bowl is in front of him. this was something he learned very quickly, as he so eager to please. Before he goes home, his bilateral cherry eyes will be repaired. Jay is current on vaccinations, microchip, neutered and on heartworm prevention and flea and tick. Even though Jay lived with children under two, we recommend that he go to a family with children five years or older. He’s very large and active.

  1. Sylvia Finnila Reply

    If he’s cat safe, we’ll be very interested in him. We’ve also trained our dogs to sit and wait for release with their food. Our only child is 16.

  2. Liz Robles Reply

    Unfortunately Jay’s prey drive is such that we do not feel comfortable placing him in a home with cats.

  3. Sylvia Finnila Reply

    Okay, I understand. Thanks for the response.

  4. John Ellevan Reply

    Live in West Virginia and have plenty of room for him to run

  5. Jacki Willmott Reply

    I live in a private lake community, have large yard, walking trails and a lake for swimming. Exp with Mastiffs. Would love to add this guy to our family.

  6. Ernest Nelson Syes Reply

    Live in Oregon. Tons of hiking. One child at 9 one dog at 11. Our dog is a rot mix and needs a padawan.

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Ernest, If you’re interested in Jay, or any of our wonderful corsos, please apply for adoption!

  7. isabella tartarone Reply

    I am very interested ! I have a dog at home but she stays to herself most of the time. She can get playful some times, but she is lazy. !! I want a new member to the family . I am very interested

  8. CCR - Ashley Reply

    Hi Isabella,
    Please apply for adoption!

  9. Scott Reply

    Hi we r very interested in jay as we lost our American bulldog after 11 years with us. We have been looking for just the right dog to transfer our love over too and think jay would be great. We have three kids all over the age of five begging for a new addition to the family. We r here in central Florida.

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Scott, the first step is to apply for adoption!

  10. Curt Reply

    Is jay still there

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Curt, Yes all dogs listed on our adoptable dogs page are still looking for their forever home!

  11. matt hudnall Reply

    I applied tonight. We are interested in Jay – Hudnall family

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