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Jake is a 4yr old Cane Corso who has been with CCR previously.  Jake has been treated like a KING, so no concerns there.  We are rehoming Jake again because of a very sad and unfortunate situation that DOES happen from time to time.  Jake was adopted to a previous CCR adopter and long time CCR supporter.  Jake has lived with 2 other dogs for a year and has done well… until the alpha female in the household became very ill. Sadly, his sister is a senior and she is by NO MEANS ready to give up her role as alpha.  But her health says otherwise.  This senior dog has had numerous surgeries and has even had chemo… she is a fighter and she wants to live.  However, animal instinct is playing a role here and Jake knows that his sister is not up for being alpha.  Therefore, fights have occurred.  Neither dog will relent and thus, CCR has decided to rehome Jake for him and his sister’s safety and to allow her to live out her short days without being challenged or having to stand up for herself.    It’s a very sad situation but it became urgent very quickly.  We are BEGGING for a foster or adopter as Jake is in boarding.  He is depressed and very sad.
Jake is good with CATS, FEMALE DOGS, and really all animals!  He is a calm Corso, but will protect his family if he feels there is danger.  He has not lived with young kids, as far as we know, but he would do well in a home with older kids.  Jake is also house broken and crate trained.  He really is a wonderful dog!

Jake is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and heartworm negative.

  1. Amy Kops Reply

    Looks like a nice boy

  2. Wendy Walker Reply

    Think he would be OK with a neutered male Cocker Spaniel who is not an alpha and plays well with people and animals alike on the frequent play dates he goes on?

    • CCR - Marianna Reply

      Wendy, Normaly we do not adopt out same sex dogs. So if you have a male already, we would consider a female corso. However, Corso are large so a special calm dog would be needed for a sitution with a smaller dog like a cocker. But doable if the application looks good. Cosider applying and we can work on it.

  3. mary hornsey Reply

    i would be interested

  4. CCR - Marianna Reply

    Wendy and Mary – you both should fill out applications – the application can be found at the top of the home page. thats the first step…..

  5. Irene Reply

    What a beauty

  6. Irene Reply

    What a beauty!

  7. Mari Reply

    Where is he…did I miss it? If he gets along with males and Mandy isn’t coming to me, I could take him. What a beauty!

  8. Matt Miller Reply

    I would take him in a heartbeat. I am still waiting on my approval process to be completed. I am currently a pet free home having had to put down my baby 6 months ago.

  9. Tami Reply

    I am waiting also on my approval. I would love to foster him

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Tami, I can’t seem to find an application under this name or email?

  10. Tami Whipkey Reply

    I filled it out again. Please let me know if you didn’t get it.

    • CCR - Marianna Reply

      Hi Tami, Your application came thru this time. There are a few in front but I will get to it as soon as I can. marianna@CCR

  11. Dianne Brown Reply

    What city is he in I’m near Raleigh and had to put my Big guys down last March 10 yr old had cancer 7yr old had tumors in stomach. My application completed in Oct 2017

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Diane, jake is up north in Massachusetts

  12. Darlene McKee Reply

    Where in MA? I’M in MA
    Just adopted my first Corso, Juno in February this year, she was 7 months. Looking for a companion, male makes him a good candidate, that he won’t freak over my 6 cats makes him ideal my son is 13yrs old, so also not an issue.
    Is he still in need? I’ll fill out the app if so!

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Darlene, Jake is still in need. If you’d like to be considered for him, Please apply!!

  13. Dee McKee Reply

    I will ABSOLUTELY do that! Thank you Ashley!

  14. Danielle Reply

    I am located in Boston and actively looking for a forever friend. If he is still available i will fill out application, thank you!

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Danielle, He is! please apply!

  15. John Thielman Reply

    Hi I like to get more information about your dog Jake Cane Corso that needs adopted

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi John, Please apply for adoption! We are happy to discuss dogs in details with approved applicants.

  16. Renee Abram Reply

    Are there any rescues in Canada for cane corsos? I had one for 11 years and now have a deaf female Dane who I would love to find a calm friend – thank you

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Renee, There are Canadian Cane Corso rescues! If you go through the Canadian Cane Corso Association website, they have several rescues they feel are reputable listed.

  17. Heather Gutierrez Reply

    Hi Ashley, Any Cane Corso rescues in Oregon? Thank you

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Heather, Im not aware of any corso rescues in Oregon. We are one of the few rescues who are dedicated to this breed specifically in the United States.

  18. Robert Vishion Reply

    Hi Ashley, we’ve already been vetted and approved through Mastiff Rescue of Florida. I will submit an application through your group also. I have had English and Canes in the past and would love to give a Cane a forever home. What would the logistics entail in getting one to SW Florida?

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Robert, placement in Southern Florida is not a problem, we have had many adopters there. The process would be the same, and upon being approved and matched with a dog we would set up transportation via the Cane Corso Railway.

  19. Robert Vishion Reply

    That’s outstanding! Let me get to work then!

  20. Amber-Lee Poole Reply

    Is Jake still available? I live in New Jersey and I’m praying he still needs a home!

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Amber-Lee, Jake is still looking for a home. Please apply!

  21. John Ilgenfritz Reply

    All, Jake visited us for several months and he is such a cuddle bug and lover. We helped house him right after CCR got him off the streets and was separated from his brother so he was sad at first and took a few days to warm up to us with the help of Willow our other CCR rescue she helped show Jake love and they became great friends during his stay with us. He used to even sit in my lap some nights in my recliner and lay on me and sleep, he thought he was a little lap dog lol. He played well with Willow who is our alpha female and we had two teenage sons. Jake is a special boy with lots of love.

  22. Tammara Wickson Reply

    Is Jake still looking for a home?

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Tammara,
      Yes, Jake is still looking for his forever family!

  23. Ryan Hayes Reply

    This dog is beautiful. I currently have a 130lb German Doberman. His name is blue. He is very large but sleeps on my bed. He needs a companion. Blue is only 3yrs old and very playful and friendly. I have everything you could possibly need. Blue has been through ca good dog training and certificate. I started training him at about 7 weeks and he still gets trained everyday. He needs a big dog to play with that will tolerate him being excited to play. Would jake tolerate my giant baby. I want to adopt one that doesn’t have a home since I to a Breeder for blue I want to change a dogs life.

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Ryan, It sounds like youve done a great job with Blue. We’d be happy to try and get you a friend for him, however since Blue is a male, we would only feel comfortable adopting a female Corso into your home as they do best with opposite sex pairings. If youre still interested in adoption, Please apply!

  24. Ryan Hayes Reply

    I agree I think a female would best. I will keep checking the site for a blue female.

  25. John Reply

    Is jake still in need of a good home?

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi John, Yes Jake is still looking for his forever home!

  26. Amy King Reply

    Hi is Jake available? And I may have missed it in the explanation but where is he located? We have a 3 yr old boxer mix. How is he with male dogs?

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Amy, if you have a male, we would only consider you for a female corso companion for him. If you’re still interested, please apply!

  27. Jeffrey Lloyd, Jr. Reply

    I am now applying for adoption. I am a disabled veteran with corso experience and dog training expirience. I am currently waiting on my service dog. I will at the very least foster this beautiful boy for you in a very good situation for him. Thanks

  28. Amy Kops Reply

    how is Jake w/ small animals and cats??? we still haven’t been matched since Sasha is off the list

  29. summer pike Reply

    WE live in in on 43 acres we have 3 females 2 are CC our 2 year old male died suddenly we are still devastated about it and looking to adopt a male

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Summer, please apply for adoption!

  30. barbara kiefer Reply

    Hi is Jake still available we have a 5 year old female French mastiff just trying to find a companion she is submissive will that still work

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