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Date:April 12, 2017




Say hello to Gia!! This gorgeous gal is a Presa Canario who came to us from a Texas shelter. Look at that face!!! Unfortunately Gia tested positive for Heartworm infection. She is looking for a nice relaxing foster home to hang out in while she goes through treatment. Gia is looking for a home with children 8 and older, and perhaps a laid back large breed brother. It is currently unknown how Gia is with cats or small dogs, and we currently do not want to stress her out by testing her with them!  Vets estimate our pretty little Presa-pants to be 4-5 years old! This gal is fabulous!

  1. Kristina Reply

    Is she fixed

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Kristina, All our dogs are spayed or neutered before going up for adoption

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