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Date:July 20, 2016

Frannie Pants


Frannie Pants has been adopted!


CCR is elated to welcome Frannie Pants into the family. Frannie Pants and 5 of her siblings, as well as Momma were rescued by the village on Saturday, July 9, 2016. We couldn’t of done this rescue without the support of our villagers and their friends! What a family we are!!! Since this time, Frannie Pants and 2 of her sisters have been residing in fabulous foster homes in Texas while Momma C, Lucy Lu, and Silly Willy have been residing with a fabulous foster family in Ohio (1 sibling is residing in VA. Daddy was also rescued and has an adoption pending. This Corso family comes into rescue as a result of a confiscation in which the courts awarded custody to animal control. Fortunately, they contacted CCR and the rest is history as once the village knew of the need all were picked up and are happily residing in foster homes.

Confirmed by our vet. Frannie Pants eyes are really bad from a very common condition in mastiffs called entropion. This is where the eyelid flips in and irritates the eye. For this girl, her third eyelid is prolapsed from all the inflammation. It’s an easy fix but clearly it costs money and it requires that we put her under anesthesia at a very early age. Our first thought was no good deed goes unpunished because we worked so hard to get all these puppies out of the shelter on Saturday, now we are going to have to spend hundreds of dollars repairing all their eyes. But, we have to remember, these dogs would not have had a chance without CCR and they are great dogs!! She was a superstar for the clinic and all the employees fell in love with her. Stay tuned for our fundraiser because at least 3 of the puppies need this surgery immediately.

Frannie Pants is a stunning fawn with black mask, Cane Corso mastiff puppy who is about 5/6 months of age. As with all the pups, they were a bit on the shy, reserved side but all have made tremendous strides in becoming social, happy puppies. Their fosters are working extra hard to get them socialized in various surroundings, with other animals and children, as well as, acclimating to living in a home environment. Frannie Pants has turned out to be quite the snuggle buddy and is a very laid back, well mannered little lady.

But just important as a cute little puppy, adopters must understand the breed as Frannie Pants is a Cane Corso who will be a guardian and protector of her family. Already she alerts to noise and things that are stranger and out of character for her environment. In addition to loving Frannie Pants, her family will need to be committed to continuing to socialize and train her to ensure she grows up to be the confident Cane Corso she deserves to be.

Frannie Pants will make a great addition to any family but she would be most happiest in a home with a confident canine fur-brother. Any family will be very lucky to have this sweet girl.

Frannie Pants has been completely vetted, micro-chipped, and is current on heartworm and flea/tick prevention. She will be spayed prior to adoption and at the time of her entropion surgery as we prefer to only do anesthesia once.

If you are interested in adopting Frannie Pants, please complete an application and we will process as quickly as possible

  1. Corrine Wetherbee Reply

    Hello! I just had my home check, and I am very interested in either of the female pups – Flo or Frannie Pants. I am in Michigan. We do have a 10 year old great dane/boxer mix as well (male).

  2. Brittney Reply

    My husband and I are extremely interested in Frannie pants. We live in Texas and have a decent backyard. I would love to stay updated on her if possible!

  3. Emily Reply

    I hope this doesn’t seem inappropriate question but do you ship the pups at all? I’m in Minnesota. Have plenty of land and a healthy male boxer that needs a buddy someday.
    Thank you

  4. Emily L. Reply

    Hello, I’m looking at Fran. I will apply and hope our family can give her a forever home. She will go through training to assist us with PTSD in military men/women.
    I will certify her to make visits to the Vets office on the Delmarva.
    Is she still available?

  5. marianna Reply

    Fannie just had her eyes done . She is available so the best bet is to start off with an application…. Go to the Applications Tab and you will find the online forms there. Emily…. regarding shipping… no we do not but we do have a host of transport angels that are CCR volunteers that can help when needed. My 2 Corso came from Texas to Florida so it can be done. Fill out the application first.

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