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Date:March 31, 2017


DREXEL has been adopted!


UPDATE 4/7/17: Drexel is safe in board and train and will be available for foster 5/1/17


*URGENT URGENT URGENT* DREXEL WILL DIE if we cannot find a foster home for him! His days are numbered at the shelter, we HAVE to have placement for him by 4/14/17. He is a staff favorite but there is no more room in the kennels. THE SHELTER LOVES DREXEL SO MUCH THEY HAVE SENT HIM TO A DOGGY TRAINING CAMP AT THEIR EXPENSE!!! They even did research to find a positive reinforcement trainer (with NO shock collars or prong collars) with Corso experience!!!  Drexel was found as a stray and taken to a New Jersey shelter. They have given him great care, neutered him, given him his vaccinations and even removed a mass on his shoulder (which was benign). He is a big fluffy boy who is fabulous with people and loves to play ball. He needs work with not walking HIMSELF on the leash and being less mouthy. He tends to think the leash belongs his in mouth so we can control the walk!! He lived very briefly in a foster home with another large dog and a cat, although he would need more time to determine if a home with kitties is the best fit for him. We need an approved foster or adopter to step up for this big guy before its too late for him!! The vets have estimated Drexel to be 4-5 years old.

  1. Bruce Reply

    Liz, I will gladly foster him. We can’t let this boy die.

    • Adam T Reply

      I’m glad I’m not the only person who sees the potential companion here.

  2. Adam T Reply

    I have put an application in to adopt him. Please try to expedite the process so he doesn’t have to be put down! Adam T. My family and I would gladly drive the 1000 miles to come and get him. He can enjoy our large midwestern fenced in yard with friends.

  3. Anthony Reply

    I will help in ct to adopt him

  4. michael starkey Reply


  5. Della Little Reply

    Is he still available?

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Yes Drexel is still looking for a foster home

  6. Ken Mills Reply

    We will foster him until a home can be found, please contact me asap if he still needs a place to go, we have experience raising canes and would love to help this beautiful boy.

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Ken, Have you applied to foster/adopt with us? I didnt find your information on file.

  7. Ken Mills Reply

    No I haven’t yet I was just getting info if he still needs a home, I will do so now

  8. CCR - Ashley Reply

    Hi Bruce! Thank you for offering to foster Drexel. We will be in touch

  9. Ken Mills Reply

    Ashley my fiancé Amber works at Banfield Pet Hospital here in Columbus i’m just waiting for her to get back to me with the Vet info to complete the application. We’d be happy to welcome Drexel to our home but if Bruce above works out faster we’ll be happy Drexel has been saved and hope we can help in the future. Will complete application today and be in touch.

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Great Ken, Ill keep an eye out for your application. We have many many dogs looking for foster so we are always looking for willing foster families!!

  10. Bill M Reply

    Has a foster home been found for him yet? If not, are you willing to expedite an application? I would gladly foster him but do not have an application in yet.

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Bill, We do not yet have a foster for Drexel. Please fill out an application as soon as you can and we will try and get it processed asap

  11. John Morgan Reply

    I am very interested my name is John and I live in NC and my family and I have been actively searching for a mastiff to join our ranks he he still available will hate for any harm to come to this beautiful animal!!

    • CCR - Marianna Reply

      John…. Please apply under the applications tab at the top of the home page…. be as complete as you can in the application as that helps speed up the process.

  12. Ashley - CCR Reply

    Hi John,
    If you’re interested in fostering or adopting please apply with our website link !!!

  13. Mari Woltering Reply

    I applied to be a foster/volunteer MONTHS ago and have never heard ANYTHING. Can you tell me why?

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Mari,
      Ill be happy to look into your application and contact you privately.

  14. Lori Cafeo Reply

    How is he with children? I would love him.

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Lori, Drexel will need a home with children 16+.

  15. Chelle Reply

    Has Drexel found a home? We are on file with you

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Chelle, Drexel is still looking for a foster! Ill be happy to look for your application and contact you privately.

  16. Liz Robles Reply

    On behalf of CCR, I would like to thank everybody who has offered to help. I would also like to clarify a few things because we have received several negative comments. First of all, it is difficult to know what’s going on behind the scenes when you are not behind the scenes. I understand that that goes both ways and we ask for your positive comments and support as always. It is not as easy as just letting the first person to foster Drexel just pick up the dog and go. We have legal and insurance regulations we must abide by. Clearly, we know this dog better than any of you, and thats still not very much! Please also keep in mind that we dont have volunteer time to post everything we know about the dog on the website, so what you see is a snap shot. Again, please keep the comments positive and as always, we appreciate your support.

    As an update on Drexel, he is safe and doing very well. We were able to get a sponsored board and train and that is where is he at currently. While he is in training, we will work to finalize his CCR foster home.

    • Mari W Reply

      YAY for Drexel!!

  17. Tina Stout Reply

    Is Drexel still available?

  18. CCR - Ashley Reply

    Hi Tina,
    All the dogs listed on the adoptable dogs tab are still available 🙂

  19. Barbara Wegernoski Reply

    Hello Ashley,
    I jyst seen this ad for Drexel. Has he found an adopted home?
    I will adopt him. I di not have the application in as I just found your website, but I see there is a 4 week processing time.
    Please let me know what optionsxare available to help so he doesn’t have to be put down.
    Thank you

  20. CCR - Ashley Reply

    Hi Barbara,
    Please feel free to apply! He is still available, but he is safe. All of our dogs are in foster care before being adopted out, so Drexel is safe, but still looking for his forever home.

  21. Barbara Reply

    Hello Ashley
    Thank, that us great news! Unfortunately I just read throufg the website a bit more and see that dogs are not shipped outside the continental US. I’m from Canada.
    Should I still apply and take my chances that this rule may change?
    Have a great day.

  22. CCR - Ashley Reply

    Unfortunately you are correct, we cannot adopt dogs outside the continental US. This is something we have tried to change many times without any success. In cases like yours we would refer you to the Cane Corso Rescue Canada network!

  23. Barbara Reply

    Thank you! I hope you have a Happy Easter!

  24. sam Reply

    Please contact if Drexel is still available very interested!!! I hope we aren’t too late!!!

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Sam, Drexel is in foster but is still available for adoption.

  25. David Mcphail Reply

    Hello. My cane corso “baby” pissed lazy year and i really would like to know if Drexel it’s still available. I dint want to get my hopes up to high but if he is I would like to go thru the adoption process.

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi David, Drexel is still available. Please apply!

  26. Christopher Erz Reply

    how is he with other males mine turns 5 in june not fixed 30″= 148lb all muscle. He loves people especially kids and woman. my friends kid wanted ride him. I have older nephew and nieces that would be around in pre-teen girl young 13 year old nephew. THey are high energy but so good with their dog and mine. MY worry is the 18 month old when she comes they can have the downstairs. DO u think another dog at this age would be approiate fit?

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Chris, we cannot adopt to homes with intact dogs, as our dogs typically react very negatively to that. We would never want to set up any dog or family for failure.

  27. Davette Fowlkes Reply

    Hello is he still available. We are in Baltimore and qe would love a dog. We are used to big breedz. Had a rottie mix with akita… time for puppy. He beautiful

  28. Davette Fowlkes Reply

    Sorry fir mispelles at work sneaking on hope he’s available. Whats the process never adopted only brought puppies

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Davette, Drexel is still available. The first step is filling out our adoption form! You can access the form by clicking “apply for adoption” on the sidebar here on Drexel’s page

  29. Jenny Reply

    How many lbs does he weigh?

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