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Date:February 27, 2017


Diesel pulled on my heartstrings, upon receiving his surrender form.  You know why?  Diesel has been diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy. His seizures are being controlled by phenobarbital.  Now this is NOT a death sentence in a canine and it isn’t even an expensive health condition.  However, it is a health condition and most people won’t even look any further than this sentence 🙁
But, it’s those that DO continue to read that may be the perfect match for Diesel!!  So, here’s his story….CCR was contacted by a vet tech at a vet hospital in MA, at the end of January. Here is what she had to say:

“I work at an emergency vet clinic as a technician. Diesel’s previous owner came in to euthanize Diesel because he had had a seizure. Even after explaining that seizures can be controlled and managed with medication, the owner still wanted to euthanize Diesel. Because we knew Diesel didn’t need to die because of this, I asked him to surrender Diesel to me, and he has been with me since. However, most people that express interest in adopting him are intimidated by his special needs. I work 14 hour days sometimes and am unable to keep him and give him his meds at his appropriate times. He deserves a good home that can give him all the love in the world!”

At 1.5yrs of age, Diesel is dog friendly, large AND small dog friendly.  He is also said to be good with children 5yrs +.  He is neutered, vaccinated, heartworm negative, and microchipped.  He was lymes positive but has received treatment.

Diesel WILL need to be on daily meds, but this is no different than popping your dog their glucosamine supplement or their daily vitamin supplement, etc. (besides the fact that he MUST have this medication daily!)  **As part of the Silver Paws program, Diesel will be adopted out with a significant amount of his medication**

Let’s all work together to get this handsome baby into a great home!

  1. Geny Reply

    i’m interested in Diesel. i stay at home most of the time. Does he like to ride in the car? i have 3 dogs a very old lab mix, a black and tan hound mix that is close to Diesels age who loves to play and a Yorkshire terrier. the yorky is quiet and low keyed. he is my service dog. the only problem is i live in florida. i have a fenced in back yard and all my dogs live indoors.

  2. Pamela Ann Chanselle Reply

    Hi I am interested in Diesel.I live in Virginia have a fenced in backyard. I work very close to home and can even go home at lunch if needed. I am in healthcare and understand the importance of consistency with his meds. I would like to meet him and see how things go.

  3. Pamela Ann Chanselle Reply

    Hello again I was just wondering how Diesel was doing and if Geny adopted him. I am very interested in him. I did not hear anything from my intrest yesterday so I would just like to know if he is already being taken care of. Please just let me know. He is absolutely adorable and just looks like he would be so lovable.

  4. Geny Reply

    Hi, this is Geny Pamela. How are you? i too have heard nothing yet. I really want Diesel as well. i suffer from ptsd and having him would mean the world to me. i pretty much stay home most the time. My dogs are like my children and are treated like it. I pray that i can adopt him. i too am familiar with the daily ritual of medication and it is a ritual around here.

  5. Mike Hodgman Reply

    Sure hope Diesel can move in with me soon!

  6. Pieter-Michiel Reply

    What kind of medications are needed and what is an expected monthly cost. I do not mind the expense as long as I can budget for it.

  7. Khloee Reply

    He is gorgeous! I’d be very interested in bring him into my family!

  8. Brant Harrold Reply

    Hi, I have been approved prior for a Male Corso. I have a 3 yr old well socialized female corso and a well socialized non dominate 9 yr old male standard poodle. I’d love to have a male Corso around the same age as my female. We are very capabile and willing to attend to Diesels medical condition.

  9. Lori Reply

    I am just wondering about this young special need guy. I am a Pediatric attic ICU nurse who can both understand seizures and their implications and the medications that are used to treat them. I am currently the owner of an English bulldog who is definitely looking for a friend.

  10. Jordan Ainsworth Reply

    Hi, I am VERY VERY VERY interested in this beautiful boy! I am home all day everyday and have plenty of time to give him all of his medications and all the love he could ever want! Is he still available?

    • Ashley - CCR Reply

      Hi Jordan,
      All of the dogs listed on the website will still be available. If you have not yet done so, please apply using our adoption application!

      • Jordan Ainsworth

        And are you aware of how much it is to adopt Diesel?

      • Jordan Ainsworth

        And do you know where Diesel is currently located?

  11. Jordan Ainsworth Reply

    Where is Diesel currently located? Would he be delivered to me?

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