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Coda is an absolutely striking 2-3 year old female Cane Corso. Coda came into CCR mid 2016 and was placed in a permanent home immediately. Her dad loves her very much and she does great with her canine sibling 99% of the time, however with excitement Coda has turned on her brother. This is not an uncommon behavior that we see, but it does need a more socialized environment and a more experienced handler. Coda would do best as an only dog. CCR will consider placement for Coda with another large male only to a very calm household with an experienced handler. She is amazing with her family and people and children 8 ad older. She is very true to her breed and will defend her home and family.

Coda is well trained with basic commands. She is house broken, crate trained, and walks well on the leash. If you are interested in Coda and think you’re the prefect family for her, please apply.

  1. Amy Kops Reply

    were in Colorado waiting for application approval..beautiful girl!!! would love her as part of our family

  2. Catrini A Beluch Reply

    I hope you are approved. Good luck.

  3. Kim Reply

    We just lost our female Corso, we had her almost 12 years and are looking to get another already out of puppy stage since we have two toddlers. My husband trains Corso’s we’ve had 3 all together our female had 3 litters of pups and have plenty of experience with the Corso breed!

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