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Chewy has been adopted!


This handsome 7yr old has a very very sad past.  Let me start off by saying his OWNER WENT TO JAIL!! A concerned neighbor reported an abandoned house which she believed had animals living in it.  Living… well, only Chewy and aquariums full of snakes were living.  The other animals in the house were deceased cats.  Later, the owner confessed to training Chewy to hunt cats to feed to his snakes.  How incredibly SICK is that?  To top it off, Chewy was living in filth.  He was never let out to go potty, so you can imagine what the house looked like.  In addition, he was sometimes given food on the floor, his owner confesses.

When CCR heard Chewy’s story, all we could say was yes, we will take him.  No open fosters, full with dogs, and a waiting list to bring surrenders in, we couldn’t turn sweet Chewy down. However, Chewy had to go to boarding.  A bed, bones, and food have been donated to Chewy but he still desperately needs to get out of the kennel.  CCR needs to have his foot looked at to see if the benign tumor needs to be removed (the tumor was fine needle aspirated and the cells were determined to be benign).

With everything he went through, Chewy still has so much love for humans.  He is super sweet, very laid back, and such a kind dog.  He will NOT be placed in a home with cats obviously.  He is good with other dogs, so a home with medium to large breed dogs will be considered too.  Chewy is ready to go home, as he is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, heartworm negative, and on monthly heartworm and flea/tick preventative.

As ALL other Silver Paws dogs, Chewy has been sponsored 😉

  1. Charley Yates Reply

    My name is Charles eat Yates, my phone number is 502 536-3630 I have had four Cane Corsos in my life,two of them late life rescues, I am very interested in this dog please return my call.

  2. CCR - Marianna Reply

    Charley – can you fill out an application and I will ump on it right away. go to the CCR main site and select the applications tab…

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