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Date:March 29, 2017


Chance is a 2 yr old male Cane Corso who found his way to CCR from an great family who took him off the streets of Philadelphia as a stray. Chance came from a rough area and his past is unknown. Since taking Chance into their family, he has been wonderful with their children and their female and male great danes. Chance is looking for a foster home who is willing to work with his young man on his socialization and accepting of strangers. Chance is very eager to please and learns very quickly, but you can see he is still holding onto a little fear from his past. With a little time, we know this boy will be a total rockstar!!

  1. michele Reply

    Hi Liz We are interested in fostering/adopting Chance. Let’s talk tomorrow. Thanks,Michele and Keith

  2. Ryan Reply

    I am interested in adoption!

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Ryan, Have you applied with us? If not please do so!

  3. Brenda Chapdelaine Reply

    hi. my name is Brenda….. i live on a farm in ma and would love to adopt.

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Brenda! Please apply for adoption

  4. Eileen Reply

    Very interested in this hadsome boy! We just put down our 13 yr old rescued Cane. Please contact me at (email removed).

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Eileen, if you’re interested in Chance, or any of our wonderful Corsos please apply for adoption!

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