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Date:July 03, 2016

Caesar Rouge


UPDATE 8/10/2016: Caesar went to foster care today!

Cane Corso Rescue is in the process of welcoming Caesar Rouge to the family. Momma writes, “This baby breaks my heart. Caesar, born 3-5-15, was supposedly purchased for several thousand dollars from a breeder with the intent on his owner to breed him. Well, all it took was one bad choice and Caesar almost lost his life. Caesar’s owner put him in danger by driving with him in the back of a pickup truck. Caesar jumped out of the truck and severely injured his front right leg. It is unclear if his owner didn’t seek immediate vet care or if the injury was just so serious, but 4 months later, Caesar was back at the vet with his owner wanting to know “what is wrong with my dog who can’t walk on his front right leg?” When the vet told the owner that his dog needed an amputation because he had suspected radial nerve paralysis, the owner said “PUT HIM DOWN!”. I know that not all dogs can recover from a front leg amputation, but we decided to try with Caesar. Caesar had his amputation on 5-9-16 and he is doing GREAT!! He is still adjusting but he is a big, sweet, goofy boy who is learning how to be a companion, inside family member. Everything in the home is new to him but he is adjusting beautifully. We have NOT DOG TESTED CAESAR yet, but that will be coming up soon.” Caesar is 18 months of age.

Caesar Rouge has been completely vetted, neutered, micro-chipped, and is current on heartworm and flea/tick prevention. If you are interested in adopting Caesar, please complete an application and we will process as quickly as possible.

  1. sagtraveler Reply

    I filled out an adoption request for Baby, but if she’s not available for adoption I would seriously consider adopting Caesar. His face is to die for!

  2. Katherine Noble Reply

    Application completed!

  3. Fran Reply

    OMG I cant resist!!! I LOVE this guy!!

  4. Samantha Keith Reply

    I have one doc (6 years) and a daughter … If he clears all I will take him in a heartbeat! He deserves a second chance (don’t we all?)

  5. Curtis Miller Reply

    I have a 5 year old male. Missing the same leg. He could use a brother. If he needs a home, and is ok with another dog, I will adopt him. My male has no issues. He’s great at dog park and can still get to the top of a 7ft. fence while chasing squirrels. The biggest thung is walking on a leash, you have to get HIS pace down, it is a rhythm thing.

    • marianna Reply

      Your 3 legged male sounds awesome and he is a lucky pup to have you. I would start with an application as thats required before anything happens with any of the dogs. Breed experience is also good to have as even with 3 legs Corso can be a handful. Loving but protective…

  6. marianna Reply

    Make sure you fill out applications peeps….. thats the first start. Dog breed experience is really needed as these are not your average dogs. Friendly, loving, great with most kids but protective and need socialization so make sure that is something you are willing to invest in before applying. They are great dogs but they like all large breeds take work.

  7. Hollin Macklin Reply

    I love him we filled out an application for silly willy but if that doesn’t work out we would love to have him!!!!!!

  8. CCR - Marianna Reply

    Hollin…. Great to hear. you filled out an application. I know that the CCR team is working on a lot of applications and dog placements…. right now. there are surgeries for eye issues, spaying and neutering etc… plus their regular jobs. I am sure you will hear something soon and if not silly willy – then maybe another dog would fit.

  9. alicia cooper Reply

    I have filled out an application, if he is ok with dogs I will gladly give him a forever home. We do not have children nor plan on them, so our dogs are the babies in this house.

    • CCR - Matt Reply

      Hi Alicia, he would do well in a home as an only dog. He may do okay with a submissive female of similar size though.

  10. Tiffany Reply

    Is this dog still available?

  11. Andy Dwyer Reply


  12. Jamie Aponte Reply

    Is this boy still available for adoption?
    I have experience with the breed and grew up with an amputee German Shepard.

  13. CCR - Ashley Reply

    Hi Jamie, Yes Caesar is still in need of a home. If you have not done so yet, please fill out an adoption application!

  14. Lisa Reply

    Is Caesar Rouge cat safe?

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi Lisa,
      Sadly we would not place Caesar with cats as he has a high prey drive

  15. Lisa Reply

    Thank you for your response! Do you have any cat friendly dogs? I was very fortunate to adopt a Cane Corso who was sweet with all dogs, cats and people. I adored him and I love the breed and I am looking for another similarly tempered dog and would of course consider a senior or a dog with special needs ❤

  16. CCR - Ashley Reply

    Hi Lisa,
    Any dogs that are proven cat safe will have it notated on their profile as that is in high demand. Sadly, we only have a few right now who are as that can be a tricky thing with high prey drive dogs.

  17. Lisa Reply

    Who are the cat safe dogs?

  18. Natasha Reply

    Is he still available and how much is adoption fee? He’s so cute!!

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