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Date:January 26, 2016



Buddy has been adopted!


Cane Corso Rescue, Inc has recently welcomed Buddy into the family. This poor 8month old puppy was rescued just in the nick of time. The plea came in from a concerned citizen and within 24 hours, CCR had him in the arms of one of our rescue angels! It was obvious after a few short hours that this boy had a fitting name of Buddy as that is just what he is…a Buddy to his humans.

Previously known as XXXX, this 8month old Cane Corso Puppy was being muzzled 24-7 and was being kept on a thick chain outside. Thank goodess a concerned neighbor called out for help. The person who had Buddy took him from another person who was going to euthanize him. Her boyfriend bought him for her to protect her while he was on military duty. Poor Buddy was being passed like an unwanted possession. WELL NOT ANYMORE as now he is in the arms of the CCR village and we will ensure Buddy receives what he needs.

Buddy is a handsome black brindle, 8 month old male Cane Corso Puppy

Buddy has been completely vetted, neutered, micro-chipped, and is current on heartworm and flea/tic prevention. If you are interested in adopting Buddy, please complete an application and we will process as quickly as possible.

  1. Shane Reply

    what is temperment? He good with other dogs children cats?

    • mariethestrange1 Reply

      With a dog this size take all things into consideration, a small dog is going to be to small to play with this dog. a child will get hurt unless you train this dog to be gentle, a cat really ? So if you have the time a money I’d say yes , but if your just looking for a large dog just like the first owner who thought giving this dog to his girlfriend for protection and not know how much strength and training they need I’d say NOOOOOO!!!!

      • Dolores Rosario

        My adopted cane corso who’d been abused by previous owners got along just fine with our cat and bunny. He was 4 yrs old when we adopted him, zero aggression toward anyone or any other animals even if they weren’t nice to him.

  2. Ken Reply

    If you get them as a puppy they will grow with you and be the best family dog. You must must train them and socialization with other dogs and people

  3. Tracy Reply

    My husband and I want to give Buddy the home and life he deserves….application completed today!



  5. wm j haven Reply

    what is temperament? He good with cats we have no kids, and im home 24/7 looking for a wlkin and traveling budy. you have my app and my phone #

  6. Ryab Reply

    How is he around other dogs and livestock do you ship?

  7. Dolores Rosario Reply

    Is Buddy still available?

  8. Barry Reply

    What happened to Buddy?

  9. tom galgano Reply

    is this dog still available????

  10. Kristine King Reply

    Before I apply for adoption, I’d like some info. Where is he? Is he neutered? Get along with small dogs (2Frenchies)?

  11. George Thomas Reply

    Is he still available?

    • CCR - Marianna Reply

      George…. yes he is. Fill out an application if you haven’t already…..

  12. marianna Reply

    Buddy has been neutered and resides in foster – PA. I would need to check on wether he has been around small dogs in foster. He wasn’t prior to being rescued. I would fill out an application and get that part of the process going.

  13. Amber Esola Reply

    How much for him and does he get along with cats?

    • CCR - Matt Reply

      Hi Amber, you can view the adoption rates on our FAQ page:

    • CCR - Marianna Reply

      I see Matt directed you to the FAQ page… having 2 Corso’s myself, note that even with the adoption fee, they can be expensive to own. Heart guard, flee/tick, yearly exams, rabies shots etc… on a 100+ pound dog is not cheap. Just want you to know they can be pricey and they eat a lot. My 2 year old at 150 pdf eats 6 cups a day 🙂

  14. david czerwony Reply

    very interested

  15. Natalie Reply

    What a pretty boy! Is he still up for adoption?

  16. Deane Gilmore Reply

    Is this dog still available we would love to give him a great home!!!

  17. Annie JACKSON Reply

    Name is Annie JACKSON and I am very interested in n adopting Buddy. I have owned a cane corso mastiff .I could give Buddy a great home and care.I and my spouse are both retired and will have the time and patience to care for application is already in and my neighbors have been interviewed I am so to be interviewed. I am retired and available for interview anytime. Cell phone xxx-xxx-xxxx, email xxxxxx.

  18. Annie JACKSON Reply

    How old is Buddy today?

  19. Annie Jackson Reply

    What is the status on Buddy’s adoption? I have had my application in for over 21/2 months. My neighbors and my vet have been interviewed.Annie Jackson @ 419-564-1339;. 770-787-8722;

    • CCR - Marianna Reply

      Annie – I believe Liz spoke with you and a home visit is next in line. We chatted about it this am…. I’ll start the Home Check process….

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