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Date:October 30, 2017


Bear has been adopted!




Meet Bear! This little cutie is only 8 months old and looking for a home with a female dog playmate and older kids. Bear has just entered foster care and will know more about him soon! Stay tuned for updates!

  1. Kim Costello Reply

    He could be the perfect match for my family! I put in an application several weeks ago! Looking for a male for my home to join my 2 girls!

  2. Mk Reply

    What his back story, he looks exactly like my 8 month old.

  3. Amy Kops Reply

    look at that face

  4. Jan Begin Reply

    OMG he is adorable! He looks like the lighter version of our Milli 7 mos old please keep us updated

  5. rana wilkinson Reply

    I would take him home today if I could

  6. Andrea Angel Reply

    I waaaant him!

  7. Jemel smith Reply

    Do you still have him

    • CCR - Ashley Reply

      Hi jemel, bear is in foster care preparing for his adoption! We are accepting applications for him!

  8. Paulina Randolph Reply

    Is he still available? My husband and daughter are in love with his pictures! I’d love to know more about him.

  9. Linds Reply

    I put in an application the other day. Iā€™m so hoping he can join our family!

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We will be Closing Adoption Application Submissions from Nov. 20th - Dec. 31st. 2017See Details
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