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Date:March 10, 2016



Banjo has been adopted!


Cane Corso Rescue, Inc. has recently welcomed Banjo into the family after an outpouring of support from the village and rescue community. Banjo has come into rescue as a result of a confiscation resulting from neglect and cruelty. Our heart breaks for the horrendous neglect and abuse this boy has had to endure as evident by his condition and urgent need of medical care. Open admission of locking him (and others) in closets for days on end; denying them food; and providing just enough water to sustain life is beyond comprehensible to those of us who care. BUT thank goodness…WE DO CARE and there is more good than evil in this world…more compassionate caring humans than ill willed…so with open hearts and homes we welcome you, Banjo to a life worth living! Your days will be filled with medical care, an abundance of food and fresh water, more toys than any single boy could dream of, rides in the car with your humans, frolicking in the yard with your buddies, and snuggles on the couch with the humans who love you…But mostly, Banjo your days will be FILLED with love, compassion, and good will by a village who is committed to your well-being for all of eternity. Welcome to the CCR village baby, WE GOT YOU!!!

Banjo’s foster mommy just raves about this boy and wants to ensure you know Banjo for the beauty within his soul! “Banjo is an 8 year old Cane Corso. He is the most gentle and loving dog I’ve ever had the pleasure to foster. It doesn’t matter whether I have a treat or a new toy in my hand, he always approaches me in the most gentle and soft manner. He takes his medications without any problems and is an absolute doll. He is very calm and loves to go for walks. Banjo does wonderfully on the leash; he is truly a gentlemen. He definitely thrives on human attention and affection, exuberant to great you but readily calms down and begins to prance for you. He is a real love bug and wants to sit in your lap or must be right beside you touching you in some way. In spite of his previous existence, Banjo is super smart and eager to please his humans; he is most respectful of his kennel area and has not had a single accident suggesting he is housetrained. Banjo’s favorite pastime is cruising in the mule with his foster Dad. “

Although Banjo still requires follow-up medical care, Banjo has been completely vaccinated, neutered, micro-chipped, and is current on heartworm and flea/tic prevention. If you are interested in fostering or adopting Banjo, please complete an application and we will process as quickly as possible.


  1. Jessie Reply

    Very interested. Have printed the app and will be submitting ASAP

  2. Heather Reply

    I would like to know where Banjo is located. I live in Michigan and I am looking for a senior. I have had 2 Corsos in the past that I raised from puppies and now I would like to give a senior a quiet home to enjoy.

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